Five years old queen mother

Fingers in the strings of water like dazzling, graceful song slowly floated out

Fingers in the strings of water like dazzling, graceful song slowly floated out: "If, the heart is wrong; if, only let go is free and easy; if, should have understood the results; good flowers, fruit of resentment.". Life is infatuation, why is it wrong. Spare all the rare merits of this body, in exchange for your promise in the next life. Do my best to prove that I have loved, where my heart is, and do not seek liberation. A song was so sad that it broke her heart. Today's wedding is supposed to be happy, but why does it feel like a farewell? "No song, since I have promised you my whole life, you are my husband.". I am not the emperor, and you are not the concubine. From now on, I will treat you well. Night ecstasy took him into his arms and brushed the tears from his eyes with his fingers. "Fool, I won't like you if I cry again." "Well, no song, no cry." "Luowuge pursed her lips and smiled like a spring flower, but she was so weak that people felt distressed." No song, I won't let you shed a drop of tears in the future. The two figures fell slowly on the soft couch inside the boat, the candle flickering, charming but pure. His white face was beautiful and moving,a333 grade 6 pipe, and his big eyes full of water mist were innocent and innocent, which were embedded in the beautiful face and attracted people's love. Her long eyelashes were slightly curled, and she flashed a seductive shyness. Sister.. Luowuge held her cheek and her eyes drifted away from her red and tender lips. The tips of their noses slowly approached each other, and their burning breaths intertwined. OK? May I kiss you? "Yes.". My husband can do anything to me. Night ecstasy slowly closed his eyes, but the heart dropped tears, for his respect and reserve, but also for him far away. His lips were soft and tender, with a watery sheen,316ti stainless steel, touching hers. It was not the entanglement of lips and tongues, but a little careful kiss, as if worshipping a sacred object, afraid that it would break at a touch. Sister, I have another gift for you. You close your eyes and count to ten. I saw it when I opened my eyes. "Good." "Don't open your eyes!" "One, two, three.." "Sister, I love you." "Poof" the sound of metal cutting through the flesh, night ecstasy suddenly opened his eyes, but ushered in an eyeful of red. Blood, like a torrent, flows down from the white neck of Luowuge, like a coquettish flower, blooming the last tea. The beautiful young man, dressed in a wedding dress, fell to the ground, uns c68700 ,uns s32750 sheet, his black hair blooming like a flower in a pool of blood. Pale cheeks, but always with a relieved smile. Night ecstasy seemed to see the scene of Hua Qingqing's death again. No song! Night ecstasy rushed to pick up his weak body, fingers were about to stroke him to stop bleeding for him, but was firmly grasped by Luowuge. No, sister, I have taken the poison, even if you stop the bleeding, I have to go. He had told her that his time was running out. Why? You promised me. If I marry you, you won't want to die. Why do you do this? Night ecstasy heart just shrink together, he actually prepared early, afraid of death, but also early poisoning. This is the heart that will die. How interesting. That's good. Luo Wuge put his head slowly close to her chest, her embrace, has been so warm, he really reluctant, but this is his best way, the way to love her. Are you still blaming your sister for not saving you that day. Is that why you're punishing me with death? Sister, I have never blamed you. I know. I know everything. And I know you don't love me. He smiled with relief, and there was no complaint in his eyes. ……” Originally, he knew that the song was really a farewell. She should have seen it coming, but it was too late. Sister, forgive me for threatening you. In fact, I don't want to give you the impression of willful nonsense before I die. It's just, like I said, it's my last wish. I have no other way to get you to marry me. Since they.. I don't want to live. But I really can't bear to part with you. I've been waiting for you to come back from the war to say goodbye. “……” Night ecstasy only feels the bitterness in the throat to turn into blood to rush to the top of the head. This poor child, for today's farewell, unexpectedly planned for so long. He must have waited so hard for her. But when she came back, she didn't have time to spend more time with him. Sister, I'm right. Everyone has his own way of love. You should find your own position. But I have no song, no virtue and no ability. I am a superfluous person. I am not as good as my brother in martial arts. He can lead troops to fight and protect you silently with force. I'm not as smart as the prime minister. He can help you unify the country with his wise mind. I can't compare with Yu Feng. He is domineering and decisive, and he can be both civil and military. I can't compare with Hua Yanyue and Muxi Yan. They are both immortals. No one in the world can match their swordsmanship and martial arts. And Jun Mo Wu, in terms of appearance and talent, he is the most amazing in the world. Only he is worthy of you. Each of them is a genius. I, on the other hand, am just an ordinary junior. I am doomed to be an unknown person, and I don't even have the ability to protect you. But I love you as much as they do. "I know, I know." His inferiority complex made her feel so guilty that she didn't know how to comfort her for a moment. I can't compare with them. I am an unclean person, and I don't deserve you in my life. But sister, I want you to know that I have no songs, and I can use my life to prove how much I love you. I can't compete with them, but I want to be with you. I really want to! If I want to be with you all my life, I have to die. Only in this way can you remember me forever. No song, why, why do you have to be so stupid? You don't have to prove it. I don't want to miss you. I just want you to be by my side. Sister, I was wrong. From the age of five, I knew that I might not be good enough for you in my life. You are as high as a fairy, and I am only a mortal. How interesting. Heart is wrong. Letting go is a relief. Sister, don't cry. I'm happy! Ture. Even if it's just a day as a couple, I'm satisfied. Wuge's greatest wish in this life is to marry you. Now,x52 line pipe, if my wish comes true, I should go. "No, I won't let you die." 。


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