New Biography of Sword Laughter

Wu Qiong's "Defeated Dao" should become an invincible Dao! From then on,

Wu Qiong's "Defeated Dao" should become an invincible Dao! From then on, Xiaobai also clearly understood what was Wu Qiong Liujue and Wu Qiong's "Liujue Sword Skill". The first must is "one must", and the name is really one must. The second is "survival in a desperate situation", which is believed to be the knife skill to survive in the face of a strong enemy. The third one is "Heaven has its own way", which is really domineering. Fourth, "no children, no grandchildren", Xiaobai vaguely felt extremely horrible bloody cruelty. The fifth is the name of the extremely murderous knife style, which is called "fierce before and fierce after". And the sixth, the last one, Wu Qiong's answer is "despair"! "What?" Despair is the name of the last move. " Xiao Bai's mind was blank and he couldn't think of anything. Wu Qiong replied with an astringent smile, "Yes, despair is just my feeling, not the name of a knife move.". Small white did not ask again, ask a desperate answer, it is too foolish behavior. Xiaohei's martial arts are no less than Wu Qiong's. He has a pair of iron claws and a crazy nature based on fame and power. His unique moves, such as "soaring into the sky", "being arrogant", "putting all his eggs in one basket" and "cutting through the weeds", all reflect his eagerness to make progress and strive for immediate success. No wonder his moves are crazy, ruthless and vicious. In addition to Xiao Hei and Wu Qiong, Prince Ding's iron retreat, illiterate iron fans, and half-day peace, who coughed half to death, accompanied him to become an official. What about the strength of the other princes? The masters they rely on should have been described to Xiaobai by their father. In theory, all princes have the right to contend for hegemony, so he also has the opportunity to take ten or two into the official face saint,Calacatta Quartz Slab, the small lascivious stick also has another side of the benefits of small white, can give him an eye-opening opportunity. On the eve of the decisive battle. First led by the false prince for another kind of decisive battle, together to swallow flowers lying pool. When Xiao Bai looked up and saw where he was, he could never believe that he had stepped into the night. "Wine Forest Desire Pool", the world asks, no matter heroes and swordsmen, officials and businessmen, emperors, generals and ministers, you can command the wind and rain, the power can wield millions of troops,White Marble Mosaic, the name can command the rivers and lakes, to the "Wine Forest Desire Pool", all obediently must abide by the rules, there is no exception. The world-famous "Wine Forest Desire Pool" is located in a special "Holy Land" in the "Sword Palace". The Holy Land is even bigger than the "Imperial Sword and Flower Court". Since it is located within the scope of the Imperial Palace, does anyone dare to touch it? The consumption of "Wine Forest Desire Pool" is too astonishing, and it is not easy to get a seat. The appetizers sold here are ostentatious. First of all, the maidservants selected by hundreds of countries and nationalities, wearing only light and semi-transparent silk, have been kneeling on the ground to undress the guest officials who will enter the "soft desire for warmth and lightness" and change into "Tianluo Fairy Clothes". "Tianluo Fairy Clothes" is a kind of clothes made of extremely light paper. When you put it on, you will enter the "soft desire, warm and light", which is fun and memorable. Light and thin, let you be light and thin. "Soft desire, warm and light" has its own "hot spring" for each guest officer. Fall inside, under the spring emerged beautiful, are the naked young girls of the alien race, golden hair swaying shawl, green as a gem of the eyes rolling, nose straight and high, White Marble Slabs ,Slate Wall Panel, white skin pressure will come over. Four slightly warm fragrances, penetrating the soft body, kept rubbing gently on the guest officer's body, rubbing out Guerlain aromatherapy. Every inch of skin is rubbed clean like a shiny pearl. "Tianluo Fairy Clothes" is slowly dissolved in the pool water, and the bondage is completely removed. The soft body wants to die, and the hot spring is full of frivolity. The ostentation and extravagance made the guest officer enchanted, and the fatigue of "soft desire for warmth and lightness" disappeared completely, but what was more wonderful was that "the virgin offered Rui". Countless girls of different ethnic groups, with naked bodies from the red lips, are covered with all kinds of delicacies. The amazing thing is that I don't know how much effort it took to select a beautiful woman with beautiful curves, crisp breasts and beautiful buttocks, all of which are similar in shape. What's more, there are hundreds of girls, all of whom are virgins. Every time the guest officer nibbles or licks the itchy part of the skin, the baby warbler sings. My mind is ringing. To be able to taste "virginity". What's the harm in spending all your money. The last line of defense, the most fascinating main course "Wine Forest Desire Pool", can pass two passes still not tired and unable to rise, will meet three stunning celestial beings. Unfortunately, Xiaohei, Ding Gonggong and Wu Qiong had already fallen down in the "soft desire for warmth and lightness", and the second pass also stopped the little lascivious stick who pretended to be very romantic. Only the remaining small white and illiterate, have the opportunity to immerse in the full pool of mellow wine, meet the world-famous Xueji, Qiaoyu, Yan Lips. The three fairies have red lips, white hair and white teeth. The beauty is like jade. The jade is clean and the ice is clear. It is hard to describe the beauty, beauty, beauty and purity of the fairies even if they use up all the wonderful words and sentences in the world. The master who established the "Wine Forest Desire Pool" can move the rivers and lakes with the name of a pool of desire wine, but he can only find three celestial beings. If you can kiss Xiangze, how many emperors, even emperors, are willing to exchange their lives. If you want to experience the feeling of bliss, please choose one of the three. Within half a wick of incense, as long as the guest officer can take the fairy's gauze out of the incense body in any way in the pool of desire, bliss will come. Illiterate can hold to the third level, because he is blind, blind touch only right 30% feeling, clearance is always more likely. But when he smelled the fairy's spirit, he was half drunk and half awake, and then whispered, his whole body could not move, and his heart was beating like it was about to burst. Fortunately, he was carried away in time, otherwise he would die in the wine pool without condensation. Xiaobai can face the three fairies and maintain the power to break the barrier, because he has the will to move like a rock, and his father has praised Xiaobai's strength since he was one year old. Will determination is the key to success or failure. In the "Wine Forest Desire Pool", the strong enemy of the will is the silver bell, such as the pipa rhyme of flowing clouds and flowing water. Sitting behind the three fairies, separated by a layer of gauze, the master who could not see the beauty, with ten fingers flying, led the wonderful dance with the rhythm. Selected by Xiaobai, Yan Lips are dancing, like flying catkins, but with the wine pool as the stage, tiptoe touching the surface of the pool can dance out of charming amorous feelings. The music rhyme is like a dream, the dream is empty, and the beautiful dream is not awake. High and low cadence, the dream followed the ups and downs. The half-awake Xiaobai, like a butterfly flapping among flowers, catches her lips, only in exchange for bursts of brilliant laughter. Taking off the gauze on the fairy's body is like a fool's dream. It's okay not to talk about it. Climb to wake up,Agate Slabs For Sale, Yan Lip has changed the brocade clothes for Xiaobai. Defeated, completely defeated and back, good life impolite. Xiao Bai had to leave.


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