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Soon, however, the Lord of Thousand Desires was a fierce hero after all.

Soon, however, the Lord of Thousand Desires was a fierce hero after all. He was soon freed from his grief. Then he said with great grief and indignation, "No matter who killed my son, I want you to die!" Say that finish, the thousand desire door directly pinches the law to decide, at the same time in the mouth mutters. Unexpectedly launched the curse of revenge directly. At the same time, the matchless sword God in Qiancuiping had just cried a few words, and did not even dry his tears, when he suddenly roared, and then collapsed on the ground in great pain. As soon as Xiao Pang in the distance saw it, he knew that the curse had started. Driven by curiosity, Xiao Pang did not rush to leave, but quietly hid aside and continued to observe. After the matchless sword God was cursed, his whole body was wrapped in a layer of black gas, as if the muscles of his body had been controlled, so that he could not move at all and could only lie on the ground like a corpse. However, the guy's face was ferocious, his mouth kept wailing, his muscles trembled violently, and he was obviously in great pain. But just a few breaths, the matchless sword God was wet with cold sweat, his voice was hoarse, and then accompanied by an inhuman roar,Nero Marquina Marble Slab, the poor child directly kicked his legs, and then silent. Xiaopang was startled and thought he was dead. He hurried over to have a look, only to find that this guy was just unconscious and not dead. What shocked Xiaopang most was that the matchless sword God had no injuries all over his body except exhaustion. As long as he woke up, Lixuan was a hero again. It was obviously not that the person who cursed was soft-hearted and wanted to let him go. On the contrary, the Lord of Thousand Desires clearly did not want him to die so happily, but kept torturing him until he completely collapsed. Seeing the tragic situation of the matchless sword God, Xiao Pang felt a burst of fear in his heart. He said that thanks to the fact that he and Shui Jing had one more mind, he did not directly kill Yu Feng. Otherwise, they would be the ones who were moldy! Think of this little fat secretly rejoice,white marble slabs, and began to think about how to deal with the matchless sword God, is to kill him to relieve the pain, or ignore. At that moment, however, Xiao Pang suddenly saw the storage bag on the waist of the matchless sword God. His eyes lit up, and he quickly reached for it and probed into the divine consciousness. Soon Xiaopang looked happy, reached out and turned over, and took out two jade boxes from inside. Obviously, the matchless sword God was lucky enough to get two Xuanlingguo! Xiaopang is not a pedantic gentleman. As soon as he saw that there was a bargain to be taken, his eyes lit up. Without saying anything, he ran away with his storage bag. Anyway, the matchless sword God is still in a coma, and he won't know who stole his things. As for the curse on his body, Xiao Pang finally decided to ignore it and let it run its course. Because he was really afraid of this thing, afraid that after he killed the matchless sword God, the curse would be transferred to himself. According to the cruel temperament of the evil monks, this is not impossible. Therefore, Grey Marble Slab ,Calacatta Nano Glass, for the sake of his own safety, Xiao Pang finally chose to leave. After all, he had no friendship with the matchless sword God, but he still had a quarrel. Xiao Pang did not have the idea of returning good for evil, so naturally he was too lazy to pay attention to it. Not long after Xiao Pang left, the matchless sword God woke up leisurely. Although he was no longer in so much pain at this time, the pain he had just brought was so deep that he felt weak all over and it was very difficult for him to move. Just now he was a high-spirited and promising young monk, but now he was reduced to this kind of situation. As soon as the matchless sword God thought of this, he couldn't help feeling sad. He said to himself plaintively, "What evil did I do?" Section 140 The Test of Nine Beauties As he spoke, the matchless sword God reached for his storage bag, intending to take out two elixirs to cure the wound. But unexpectedly, he reached for an empty one, which made the matchless sword God anxious. As he looked for it, he shouted angrily, "Where is my storage bag?"? Where is my Xuanlingguo? Eventually, the matchless sword God did not find the storage bag, but found the footprints and other traces left by the little fat walking, he was not stupid, he knew at a glance that his things had been stolen, but also while he was unconscious. Seeing this, the matchless sword God was startled at first, but then he flew into a rage. Because the other party did not kill himself, it means that he is not an evil person. Plus the time that the other side appears is also too coincidental, oneself just be cursed, somebody comes, perhaps that fellow is to hide ahead of time at all. On one side. And is the person who sent the feather wind to the viper's mouth, otherwise it simply can not be justified, there is no such coincidence in the world ah? Thinking of this hateful guy, who first cursed himself and then stole his storage bag and Xuanlingguo, he was so angry that he almost went crazy. Son of a bitch, don't let me catch you, or I'll cut you into pieces! The matchless sword God roared and ran down in the direction of the footprints, trying to find out who had framed him. However, with his feet and speed, it is obviously not as good as riding a small fat tiger, so soon he lost the direction of the small fat, can only run blindly in the Qiancui screen. Xiaopang finally got rid of the big trouble of the feather wind, and inadvertently framed the matchless sword God who was against him, and stole his Xuanlingguo. He was very happy. The only pity is that the other side's magic weapon is the magic weapon of life, already linked to the mind, Xiao Pang can not steal without killing him. But this is a small matter, just a magic weapon, in order not to touch the terrible curse, is not to take things also does not matter. Anyway, Xiao Pang has got too many benefits. After easily shaking off the matchless sword God who was tracking him, Xiao Pang saw that it was already late, so he found a secluded cave, recruited a tiger with wings and 39 wind bronze puppets to guard him, and put the big bronze bell on his head. Then he entered his own life space. This time, Xiao Pang did not come to practice, but to receive the nine beautiful pictures of the psychic treasure that he had just got. After entering the space, Xiao Pang immediately excitedly took out the nine beautiful pictures,Artificial Marble Slabs, fondly stroked them twice, and then input a aura to activate them. The next moment, nine beautiful and flirtatious nuns appeared around Xiao Pang.


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