God is watching you.

"Do you mean the first four numbers?" The motor also stared at this group of numbers and said

"Do you mean the first four numbers?" The motor also stared at this group of numbers and said, "This is the code of the word'God '." "It looks like a date." "July 7, 4377-43?" "Yes, but usually it should be expressed in 19430707." The motor didn't have time to think so much. "Let's take a chance," he said. "We'll take it as July 7, 1943. But what does this date mean? "I don't know. Maybe something happened on this day." The motor was a little bored. He shook his head and said, "Even a ghost can't guess such a password. Your husband won't have any perversion, will he?" Her face was expressionless. She took out her cell phone and began to look for the number. Who are you calling? The motor was suddenly a little nervous. A friend. He is the editor of the publishing house. He edited my book. Maybe he can help me. She quickly dialed the number and heard the editor's friend's voice. "Hello, I'm Yan Yan," she said softly on the phone. The other side is stupefied first, trembling to say next: "Face, the wanted notice to you was released in the news this morning, where are you now?" "You don't ask this, in short, please believe that I have not killed anyone.". Now I have an important question to ask you, which may affect my life. The editor hesitated for a moment and finally agreed: "Ask, face." What happened in this city on July 7,touch screen interactive whiteboard, 1943? Look it up in your computer database. "Wait a moment." There seemed to be the sound of keyboard tapping on the other end of the phone. After waiting for about two minutes, the voice of an editor's friend came: On July 7, 1943, a fire broke out in the Orthodox Church of the Russian Overseas Chinese Cemetery in this city. Dozens of Belarusian nationals worshipping in the church were killed. I only found this one, and there is no other record. Face, please tell me, why are you looking into this? "Someday you'll understand,smart board whiteboard, if I survive. Goodbye." She hung up the phone, her face red and white. Then she told the motor what the editor had told her. Russian cemetery? The Orthodox Church? The motor has never heard of these places. I know the place. I went there a few years ago. "I should have thought that there are many churches in this city, not only the Catholic Church here, but also the Orthodox Church," he said, biting his lip. "Yes, the Orthodox Church is also in line with the meaning of" God is watching you ". The motor nodded, too. Motor, hurry up and clean up the things on the table. We're going to the Orthodox Church now. Then he stood up and waved his hand. "Sell the bill." Two minutes later, they walked out of the teahouse. At this moment, the sky has been drizzling, they called a taxi, classroom interactive whiteboard ,interactive whiteboards in the classroom, immediately rushed to the northwest corner of the old Russian cemetery. It only takes twenty minutes to drive from here. Motor sat in the car, looking at the sky outside the window, the rain more and more dense on the car glass, he can not help but think of the rainy night when he met Zhou Ziquan. Suddenly, he felt the face beside him, leaning against his body, trembling slightly. He grabbed the face's hand and asked, "Are you cold?" "No, I'm burning up." Seventy-three 11:20. The motor and the face arrived at the Russian cemetery. Many years ago, this cosmopolitan city was home to many White Russians living in exile in China. They were said to be White Russians in order to distinguish them from the red Soviet Russia. In the era of the Czar Empire, most of them were Russian nobles, landlords or entrepreneurs. After the October Revolution, they were deprived of their property and wandered around. They hated the Soviet Union and missed the Czar. They preferred to spend their lives in foreign countries. In this coastal city of China, there are thousands of such people. Many White Russians died here. They are buried in the cemetery in the suburbs. The cemetery is strictly in accordance with the customs of the Russian Orthodox Church, so that the souls of Russians buried on Chinese soil can return home. Now, the taxi has arrived in front of the cemetery. The cemetery did not even have a gate. On the edge of a desolate old factory, there was only a bumpy path. The driver was worried that the car would not be able to get out after entering, so he insisted that they get off here. By this time, the outside world had turned into a downpour, thunder rolled in the clouds, and raindrops as big as beans kept hitting the head of the motor and the face heavily. Although it was now noon, the sky, covered by thick dark clouds, looked as if it were six o'clock in the evening, giving people a depressing feeling of "black clouds pressing the city to destroy". The motor took off his coat and covered his head and his face against the rain that was falling on them unstoppably, but in a moment they were all wet. The wet clothes on her face stuck to her body, showing her figure even more. Under the protection of the motor clothes, she could only lean against the motor tightly. Holding his clothes in one hand and holding her tightly in the other, he felt that he and his face had melted together in the rain, his eyes were wet, his eyes were hazy, he could not see the road ahead, only vaguely glimpsed the outline of a building, standing alone in front of him. Everything seemed to disappear between heaven and earth, only the deafening sound of thunder and rain, and the two living bodies of him and his face. He hugged his face more tightly, and the two of them clung together. Perhaps out of human instinct, in the cold rain, they touched each other's bodies to maintain their body temperature. Although the cold rain enveloped them, their bodies were getting hotter and hotter-like the lingering of water and fire. Just when the motor almost lost his mind in the pouring rain,smartboard for business, the face pinched him hard, which made the motor wake up. Motor, don't you see what this place is? The face reminded him in his ear. hsdsmartboard.com


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