Abandoned concubine

The customs clearance document had been prepared for a long time,

The customs clearance document had been prepared for a long time, and the waiter took it to stamp it and let our carriage pass without much inspection. After leaving the customs, it is no longer a busy city and bluestone Avenue. The wind outside the customs is not as wet as that in the south of the Yangtze River. It is only in August, and it is already cold and dry. Miss, go in and sit down. It's windy outside. Wind and sand blowing into my eyes is very uncomfortable, but I can't bear to part with them. You see, this day is white and flawless, so endless blue, without a trace of impurities, just like the purest girl in the world. In the blue sky, white clouds float leisurely, the air is very good, even the yellow sand has a rough fragrance, everything is fresh and elegant. I am intoxicated with such beautiful scenery. Heard the sound of vanilla sighing softly. After a while. I have a cloak on my body. Tantan desert. Drizzling wind and sand. Yellow dust rolling in. Towering Tianshan Mountain. White snow. At this very moment. I remembered that it was actually in "Seven Swords to Tianshan Mountain". Remembering the time when she was the royal concubine of Duoduo, who was respected and envied by the world. There is a little bit in my heart. I recall the happy time of indulging in mountains, rivers, deserts, wind and sand in the past. Have you ever missed her brother Yang? Maybe I was infected by those novels and TV programs. I have no memory of the boudoir life in the palace. Could these be what Mu Rou wants? Suddenly I thought it was funny. If it is Mu Rou. She quietly became her abandoned concubine. How can it have anything to do with the Rising Sun Palace next door? Wind. Roaring wantonly. Turbulent at my geocentric door. I sat in the back of the carriage. Leaning on the carriage. Enjoy the feeling of the breeze. Vanilla. How do you like it here? Vanilla gave me a strange look. Miss. It is very windy and dusty here. It's easy to get dry mouth. Dirty clothes are not easy to clean. Vomiting blood, although vanilla said very really, said my mind, but so naked to say it is too unpleasant, right? It spoils the beauty of the place and is not at all romantic and lovely. Waiter and Ah Yi thumped the carriage and laughed wildly. The uncle who was driving the carriage shouted at the top of his voice, "Be careful, my guests. After leaving the customs, most of the small roads are not easy to walk. Don't damage my carriage." These people,juice filling machine, I shook my head and sighed, put down the curtain, closed the door and went back to the middle of the carriage. Now finally understand, uncle made a car door and made a curtain is purposeful, here the wind and sand, light a curtain blocked the beautiful scenery beyond the Great Wall. But the feeling of closing the door is very closed. It's like this now. It's good to open the door occasionally to breathe. That's all the grass got you? Sister, the more you go north, the more you can't see the edge of the grassland. It's exciting to gallop up there. Waiter did not know where to get a weed, in his mouth, the standard appearance of a local ruffian rogue. Can not help, I just want to argue with him: "said so nice, you have been here?"? All you know is that your horse is galloping. If you really want to live here, Beverage packing machine ,bottle blowing machine, I'm sure you'll starve to death within a month. I have always looked down on the so-called swordsmen. They don't farm or do business to make money. How do they make a living? Waiter was not convinced. He held his head high and said, "How could it be possible? I eat dry food." "Dry food?"? Well, even if you bring all the dry food for a month, people have to drink water, right? You see, we have yellow sand and grass all the way. Where did the water come from? Waiter was ready to argue, but as if deflated, he hung his head and sat in the car. "That's right. I really don't know what to do except fight.". I don't know how to graze and milk horses. Living on the grassland is really a problem. Yi smiled. "Don't listen to her nonsense. The grass here is green. There must be a source of water.". In fact, people are the same, as long as there is a breath, where can live very well. But Qi Er, I understand the meaning of what you just asked Vanilla. It must be very good to have a boundless and free life here. It's good to come out to play. I won't stay for a long time. The dry weather here is not good for the skin. And I don't like mutton and goat's milk. I like to eat beef and drink soybean milk. I always feel dry on my face these days, but unfortunately I don't have toner, and I haven't heard of any woman who has successfully made cosmetics. I miss the moisturizing pearl powder and the aloe mask. Now I find that I am such a Philistine, saying that the pursuit of free life is actually more inseparable from material enjoyment. Would I have left the palace if there had been no silver for me to live a poor life where men plowed and women weaved? To be continued, if you want to know what happened, please log in m, more chapters, support the author, support genuine reading! The eighth chapter of the main text is you (8). In fact, people are realistic, the real Tao yuanming that kind of Xanadu life T + under the comfort of life is not satisfactory, really want to find a place to grow their own vegetables to eat. Such a life.. Anyway, I can't imagine, I like cakes and sweets, rice and flour can be grown by myself, then sugar, where do the ingredients for making cakes come from? It's good to face the green mountains, green waters and air every day, but I can't completely rely on the mountain to eat the mountain. If there is an earthquake, where can I run? Listening to me say such a gorgeous beauty argument, the other two in the car ignored me, the waiter simply made faces at me, "Sister, you are not young, why do you want to be so beautiful?"? Is it troublesome for you women to be beautiful and not to be eaten? Do you think you can really be a beauty if you draw your face like a monkey's ass? Funny. Monkey ass? Smelly monkey, ignore him, I continue to open the car curtain a small crack to enjoy the scenery beyond the Great Wall. I don't know where it belongs if it is divided according to the territory of the 21st century. I want to go to Tianshan Mountain most. I used to have no money and no time. They are busy with their work every day and busy with their unstable jobs. Maybe now I can realize my wish and see the real natural beauty of the original ecology. There are not many people along the way, and occasionally you can see shepherds driving sheep, singing folk songs, which is very impressive. The melodious singing shocked my eardrums,liquid bottle filling machine, much more than the live version of Super Girl. I cleared my throat and hummed. Originally just humming in a low voice, touching their encouraging eyes, Ye Qi's singing of children's shoes began: I'm looking up at the moon. How many dreams are flying freely. gzxilinear.com


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