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He has encountered a very vicious and vicious tribe group!

He has encountered a very vicious and vicious tribe group! To the Liao people led by Yelv Dashi crazy attack, there is no room for communication! Confrontation means that the leaders of both sides observe each other's good and evil intentions. Yang Shilin is the intruder, the plunderer, only one man and five women, at a glance! Is a small passer-by, can pass through that ten miles long "magic bone pile", know is not some good people, although the number is not much, how to know that there is no large group of people behind! In short, it is no longer calm here, to stir up some waves! Based on past experience, they are not very afraid! Their "God" can melt them silently and silently! Spreading outward from the central point of the lake's habitat, there are two hundred miles of sandy land around it, and no one can live there because of the lack of water! Most of those who controlled the entry were forced to retreat and were scared off by the "devil's bone pile"! Yang Shilin was also looking at them, accompanied by Zhu Yu! "Brother!"! We've come to the Kingdom of Daughters. Settle down and observe. These five hundred people are all female, and none of them are male. Have you noticed the queen? "Well, it's a matriarchal society!" "Quite closed, primitive, backward, truly indigenous Liao people!" "Of course it's not the Han people, and it's not necessarily the Liao people!" "I'm really afraid that you, the only big master, will be eaten by others!" "How could a sister have such an idea?" "Do you promise our sisters?" "Heaven and earth conscience, the eldest brother is already grateful for your wrong love,grey marble slab, in addition to Lin Xiangyun elder sister, Yelv Zhihua sister is not around!" "Once this is difficult to take care of thoroughly, any more eldest brother will be in danger of death!" "In the end, it's not up to people. Who wants you to be so popular?" "Wronged, Big Brother is just an ordinary man!" "Ordinary people!"! "Look carefully, I'm afraid the queen is forty years old, and she's very appetizing to you!" "Nonsense!" "It's a woman who sells herself. How can she be so confused?" "Big Brother promises never to touch them!" "I don't think we can fight anymore. It's settled to be a guest. There are only six of us, five women!" "Of course they won't be afraid of us, so why not be more generous?" Although Yang Shilin comforted his wife,Agate Slabs For Sale, his eyes were focused on the face and body of the queen! I saw her beautiful hair high plate, jade hairpin hanging beads hanging treasure, stars shining in the sun, left and right sideburns, such as phoenix wings spread out a unique style, as eye-catching as the phoenix crown! Eyebrows like a picture, revealing the mature beauty of a young woman, peach cheeks and phoenix eyes, with charm, a pair of watery eyes shooting to their own body, charm is very moving! Tall and straight, wearing a brocade chador, too broad to see the figure! This dress seems to be the big dress of the old lady of the Han family, with wide cuffs and four or five strings of precious stones hanging on her chest! The belt was five inches wide, a hard siege, inlaid with large jewels, with a sword slanting on the side! The foot is a high leather boot, Pietra Gray Marble ,Agate Stone Price, probably made of a small animal skin, fur color-: to, and carved, boot shape strange, not the Han family thing! There are more than 20 people around, are young girls, young women, colorful, each has its own merits! Surrounded by the stars like the moon, she was surrounded by guns and knives, with a murderous look and dignity, no problem! The rest of the crowd formed a phalanx, left, right, front and back each had a lot! Although the action is slow, the position is simple, but also close but not disorderly, slowly moving forward! Yang Shilin to Zhu Yu Qiao track: "Sister, eldest brother is going to say hello, here you take care of all the girls!" "Be careful, brother!" "You are at ease!" Yang Shilin has turned over his horse and strode forward. The other side is sitting north to south, this Taniguchi is in the west, southeast hundred steps is the lakeshore! Yang Shilin to the other side of the Han family tunnel Mandarin Khan beam accent loudly way: "Can I ask you to understand my words?" These wild women have stopped! "If someone can understand, the lower class will come from far away from the Han family to pay their respects to your king!" The queen's mouth was slightly arched, and she turned sideways and whispered to a girl on her left-array! The girl, fly eyebrows, Qiaoxiao Qian Xi, can smile and open his mouth: "You, Han Jialang, don't look like a gangster or a bad guy. How dare you break in through my" Hell Valley "and injure my mountain patrol!" As soon as Yang Shilin heard this, he was overjoyed. Some of them could understand Chinese, and they spoke smoothly. They communicated with each other. There was no need to fight in this unjust fight. The situation was good, so he bowed down and made an arch! Bent head, like a prawn way: "The girl can speak Chinese. That's the best. Thank you for bothering me!" "Those girls, because of their language barrier and ferocity, have offended and misunderstood many times." They may understand that Yang Shilin is not strange for many people! Look at him this form is by no means want to commit murder, full of appetite, such as Jiao laughed a way: "Han Jialang, why are you here? But do you want to harm us?" "Good girl!"! No It's just a mistake to break into the valley. Please convey your feelings to the girl. This little girl is the youngest daughter of the queen, and naturally there is no need to translate! Because her mother taught her Chinese! And her mother was taught by her father! And her father was sixty or seventy years ago, had a chance to capture a Han family Lang! Perhaps it was a mistake to hear in, this is the Han Chinese slaves captured by the Liao people on the border! Unwilling to be abused, the man fled and entered the valley of hell! Although the Han people are a little superstitious, they used to be Jianghu people, and a pile of animal bones can't scare him! He wanted to find out what was going on, which was a little more hopeful than going out and being caught by the Liao people again! Unexpectedly! Here is a daughter country, many boys and girls in the clan, the clansmen captured him, dedicated to the queen, soon! He was honored to be the king's husband, and from then on, he always enjoyed a lot of happiness, so he didn't have to be whipped and shouted to work for slaves any more! Just use that mallet to cultivate the queen's jade field diligently! The queen loved him like a treasure and spent a lifetime together as a good couple! Although not rich, but big fish,Calacatta Nano Glass, big meat, wine, beauty is to let him happy and comfortable! He handed down some Han affairs and Han language!


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