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But with such a soul skill, he actually won Ye Lingtong today.

But with such a soul skill, he actually won Ye Lingtong today. So much so that I came home, Blue. Xuanyu himself is still somewhat inexplicable. He came back by school bus today, and the college has a special school bus to pick up students. At the end of the exam, he defeated Ye Lingtong and unexpectedly got a high score in the actual exam. But Lan Xuanyu is actually not satisfied with himself, he does not like when he faces the Ye Lingtong who rushes over. That sense of fear. The training room at home is ten square meters in size, and there is a shield inside, so you can practice soul skills. Meditate At the same time, the training room can also simulate the corresponding environment needed by the soul master, thus playing an auxiliary role. Lan Xuanyu went into the training room as soon as he entered the door. He sat on the ground, raised his left hand, and released his own silver-striped blue silver grass, which carried on the fresh blades of grass. Every drop of water still emits the comfortable breath of life. Looking at the blue silver grass on his palm, Lan Xuanyu said to himself: "Blue silver grass, blue silver grass, you." How do you control the water? Why is it so weak? ? But Why can you let Ye Lingtong? What about the failure of the soul skill? He picked up a drop of water with his finger and put it in front of him. The bead itself is colorless, on the blue silver grass. Under the silver grain's contrast, only then can present the light silver. In fact, he has never had the feeling of being very close to the element of water as Nan Cheng said. None of them. I have been practicing very hard! But why is the effect not good? Lan Xuanyu is wrinkled Frowning,fake blossom tree, "what is close ah?" Lan Xuanyu pulled a leaf of blue silver grass and held it in his mouth. The leaf was cool and cool, which made him big. The brain also woke up a little. He sucked a few drops of water from the leaves, which were slightly sweet and delicious. Yes. I drank it all. Is that close? No reaction, no change, everything is the same as before. Beep, beep, beep! At that moment, the soul guide communicator at home rang. Lan Xuanyu quickly ran out of the training room and connected the communicator: "Hello." "Lan Xuanyu,large ficus tree, I'm outside your house. Open the door quickly." It came from the receiver, very familiar and with some points. An angry voice. Ye Lingtong? "Lan Xuanyu said with some uncertainty." Open the door! Ye Lingtong's voice was clearly angry. What are you doing? "Lan Xuanyu said doubtfully," How do you know my home communication number? Also Yes, how do you know where my home is? Ye Lingtong said, "I asked my father to take care of the teacher. My father brought me here." "Oh, uncle is here, too, so you wait." After hanging up the communicator, Lan Xuanyu ran to the door and opened it. Door. Ye Lingtong stood outside the door, while Ye Feng stood behind her. Hello, uncle. Lan Xuanyu says hello to Ye Feng. "Hello, Xuanyu," said Ye Feng. "Uncle is coming a little out of turn. Ling Tong said you had a competition today. The situation, artificial cherry blossom trees for weddings ,faux ficus tree, uncle wants to see your soul, can you? Oh By the way, are your parents at home? Mom and Dad are not at home. Uncle, please come in. Ye Lingtong, come in, too. Speaking of the last sentence. At that time, he was somewhat reluctant. Ye Lingtong walked into Lan Xuanyu's home impolitely. After Ye Feng entered the door, he looked at it a little. Ye Lingtong said, "It's not as big as my house." "Oh," said Lan Xuanyu. "Xuanyu," said Ye Feng, "Ling Tong told me that when she was competing with you, her soul skills suddenly failed. Can you tell uncle what kind of soul skill you used at that time? Do you have any special feelings? The daughter's soul skill suddenly failed, which made Ye Feng a little nervous. Ye Lingtong's Tiangang Longwu Soul Is Changed It comes from something different. Mutant Wuhun has a common characteristic, that is, instability. He is very worried about his daughter. Wuhun has problems because of instability, but after going home to check, everything seems normal again. That's why he He went to the college to explain the situation in person and asked for Lan Xuanyu's address and contact information. Lan Xiao in the college only left the family communication number, so Ye Feng also failed to contact Lan Xiao, straight. Then he came with Ye Lingtong. I just controlled the water element to block her, and then she rushed over and was swept away, nothing else. There it is. Lan Xuanyu tells the truth. Do you have a training room at home? You can demonstrate the situation at that time. Let uncle have a look. "Good." When Lan Xuanyu took Ye Feng's father and daughter to his training room, Ye Lingtong frowned and said, "You?" The home training room is so small! "Mmm." Lan Xuanyu just nodded. There was a trace of surprise in Ye Feng's eyes. It was common for children of their age to compare and refuse to admit defeat. The situation. But Lan Xuanyu gave him a feeling of being at peace with the world. It was rare for a seven-year-old child to be like this. See you. Let's do it, just like you did in today's competition, and do it again. Ye Feng said. Lan Xuanyu went to the training room, raised his left hand, and released his Wuhun Blue Silver Grass. Ye Lingtong snorted, very unconvinced to release his own Wuhun Tiangang Dragon again. Her heart How can you be convinced? Be able to do it again. It was just what she wanted, and she wouldn't do it anyway. I would like to believe that my century-old soul skill will be lost to Lan Xuanyu. Lan Xuanyu concentrated, Xu Li, and the vortex appeared. Similarly, Ye Lingtong released the first soul skill Tiangang overlord body, an arrow step, she rushed up. White light wrapped around her body with a slight sound of dragon singing, and in this small training room, she almost He rushed to Lan Xuanyu in a moment. Ye Feng stood beside him, just watching carefully. In his eyes, there was a faint twinkle of purple light. In his spiritual world, the process of approaching two children is slow and clear. Approaching, starting to touch. Uh? Melted? Yes, in Ye Feng's perception, when Ye Lingtong's Tiangang overlord body just touched the vortex. Tiangang overlord body began to melt. Yes, "melting" is the best way to describe it. That white light is like. The ice and snow melted and disappeared quietly. Poof! Ye Lingtong rushed into the whirlpool again,artificial plant wall panels, whirled, was taken away, and crashed into the wall on one side.


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