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Hearing what the stars said, this soul-refining ring seems to be dispensable with their Kuixing Mountain?

Hearing what the stars said, this soul-refining ring seems to be dispensable with their Kuixing Mountain? Hard is not good to soft, if the soul refining ring is taken too seriously, it is not good, the stars are deliberately said so? Ling Yan thought to himself. Calm for a long time, Ling Yan still did not speak, to tell the truth, if the beginning of the trapped wind at that time, good words, Ling Yan to give, but since Leng Wanqing use refining soul ring, to help themselves forcibly enhance the strength, Ling Yan suddenly found that this refining soul ring is actually a good thing, at least, this use of the energy left over from the soul. It's really a good way to save lives, but you have to seal some souls in from time to time. Leng Wanqing once said that the demon attribute to the demon, people are extremely Yin and Yang, if Ling Yan use, but can not seal the soul of people, not to mention the way of heaven, just double attributes dissolve, can not produce energy is a problem, so Ling Yan must choose the way of demons and ghosts, this is also a disguised form of eliminating demons and defending the way. When Ling Yan was thinking about how to deal with it, someone made a sound. "Elder Fanxing, I think this soul-refining ring is really not easy for your Kuixing Mountain Sect to take!" The voice is very thin,x52 line pipe, very broken, also very pleasant to hear, to be exact, it is a wonderful voice that is even more tender than Leng Wanqing's. Ling Yan's face was in a daze and he turned his face and looked in the direction of the wonderful sounds of nature. It's the second elder of Xianmiao Valley. Ling Yan saw that the little pink girl led by the old woman had an innocent and beautiful face, her long black hair was silky on her shoulders, two white ribbons on her head tied out two lotus flowers, white silks and satins all over her body, silks and satins covered a few places on her knees, barefoot, a foot like suet white jade,x56 line pipe, and a few ribbons wrapped around it, which made her look very lovely. The little girl has a pair of unusually smart big eyes, such as stars, slightly upturned eyes, but also hanging on the slender eyelashes of falling water, exquisite face, Yao nose and red lips, like a little fairy who does not understand human affairs. "This is" This little girl seems to be the first time to come to Fengyun Jue, the stars did not know, not only him, many people have noticed this early, pure and beautiful little girl who does not laugh, not anger, not pity. "They don't seem to know each other. Why do you know them?" Ling Yan slightly moved his eyebrows. Looked at Mo Bifang beside him. "Accidental acquaintance, nothing to elaborate," Mo Bi Fang slightly turned autumn eyes, still quietly looking at the little girl. Strange Ling Yan muttered, Mo Bifang this woman, 321 stainless steel sheet ,347 stainless steel, said that he was quite respectful, but at first it was this feeling, but then, she felt that this woman carefully tight every step is steady. Continue to look at the two elders of the Fairy Valley. "This is the second elder of our Xianmiao Valley, Ling Meng'er Ling Elder!" The little girl did not speak, but the old woman next to her, Jingming, said in a slightly dry voice. Ling Menger? Is also surnamed Ling? Ling Yan could not help but look at that Ling Meng son a few more eyes, however, here is not everyone does not know Ling Meng son, at least the snow thousand sink then did not show any surprise look. "Oh?"? It turned out to be Ling Meng'er, the second elder of Xianmiao Valley. "The stars said respectfully, but as soon as he spoke, he found something wrong." In such a short time, there were two Ling two elders. "Don't mention it, Elder Fanxing. It's the first time for Meng'er to participate in the Fengyun Final. She doesn't understand the ways of the world. In fact, she has to rely on the elders to take care of her." Ling Menger whispered lightly, the smile on her face was like the warmest breeze in spring, which made people feel calm at a glance, and could no longer give birth to any resentment or anger. If Ling Menger has a long, afraid of the future is absolutely a disaster to the country and the people of the beauty, but now almost. Had it not been for the fact that the elders present were all prominent people, it would have been hard to say that they would not have lost their temper. "Well, I don't know what the elders of Xianmiao Valley think?"? Elder Meng'er just said that our Kuixing Mountain is not good to take the soul refining ring. I don't know what it means? The stars frowned slightly and asked in a condensed voice. "Yes, my daughter Ling elder, you should say ah, that refining soul ring but our Kuixing mountain thing, related to the star absolutely big plunder array!"! It's a big deal. Why can't you get it back? Liyan began to lose his composure again. Li Yan opened his mouth and said that the stars were staring at him. Unfortunately, Li Yan could not see the look of the stars. He only knew how to roar blindly. "Oh," Ling Menger smiled, a pair of jewel-like eyes looked at the direction of Tianyuan Zong, and then looked at Ling Yan, this just said slightly. Chapter two hundred and eighty words (ne) - "Meng'er knows what happened. Elder Ling bravely killed the leader of the monster in the team of the leader of the monster, seized the ring of soul refining that was maiming my disciples for the leader, and saved all the true disciples of Xianmiaogu and Tianyuan Sect. The friends of Tianyuan Sect should know that." Ling Meng'er was somewhat mischievous. The elder of Chaotian yuanzong gave birth to Yuzi, Jin Qingzi, and Huang Zi, the oldest of the seven elders, blinked their big eyes and looked very friendly. "It's true. No. I, Tianyuan Zong, have to thank Elder Ling!" The other two people did not speak, Huang Zi opened his mouth, three people stepped directly, turned around and made a bow to Ling Yan. Bubble-book _ (PaSh8) "I dare not, I just lift a finger, how can you do this?"? Ling Yan can't stand it! As soon as Ling Yan looked, he hurriedly made a flustered appearance. I think, if for other elders, also will be with Ling Yan so "" "Elder Ling is modest. Anyway, I, Tianyuan Zong, owe Elder Ling a favor!"! If Elder Ling needs anything in the future, just open your mouth! Huang Zi nodded calmly to Ling Yan. Ling Yan smiled faintly and said nothing. "Oh, Elder Star, do you know what happened later?" Ling Meng son that day innocent innocent smile, but let anyone can not guess, this looks like a little girl who does not understand human affairs in general,a333 grade 6 pipe, innocent. But her true identity, but is the world's most famous immortal valley two elders in the end what is thinking? The stars were a little stupefied, and their shrewd eyes looked at Ling Meier carefully. Ling Meier smiled as if a hundred flowers were blooming.


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