He could not judge with a clear mind whether the sudden change of mood

He could not judge with a clear mind whether the sudden change of mood was due to physical discomfort or a strange surge in his heart. When he drank the water, his eyes were always hanging down, looking at the mobile phone he put on the table. There's no movement. The screen doesn't light up. He put down the cup and looked at the time again. Five minutes have passed since he sent the message. Jiang Xi put his cell phone in his pajamas pocket and took the spare parts to wash. When he brushed his teeth, the phone vibrated in his pocket. He looked down, then continued to brush his teeth with one hand and pulled out the phone with the other. Brother Pei: What's going on? Didn't take the medicine? Jiang Xi smiled as if he had won the victory, and he succeeded in winning Pei Chongyuan's concern and worry. He held the head of his toothbrush in his foamy mouth, held his cell phone in both hands, and quickly typed a line: Just sleep again. After sending it, Jiang Xi put his cell phone back in his pocket, washed quickly, and went back to his room and lay down on the bed. It is true that he has a fever, and it is even more true that he is not feeling well. Lying back for a while, he fell asleep again, because he had a high fever and could not sleep well. At about twelve o'clock, the roommates got up one after another. They were all boys. They didn't know how important it was. When they got out of bed, they could make the bed board sway and things fall out of order. When Jiang Xi was woken up, he was not annoyed and used to it. He rolled over, feeling dizzy and struggling to open his eyes. He put his hot forehead on the wall again, and felt that it was not enough, so he simply stuck it on the whole person. His cell phone was vibrating, and he was so lazy that he heard someone calling him when he was sleepy. Tong Ye from the dormitory next door came to him with his guitar on his back and asked,artificial coconut palm trees, "Brother Xi, didn't you say you were rehearsing today?"? Aren't you going? They will appear on the stage for the first time next week. The band has just been formed, and the lead singer is forced by Tong Ye. Several people have not cooperated. In order not to make a fool of themselves on the stage, Jiang Xi feels that he must practice more in advance. Jiang Xi forgot about it because he had a fever. What's wrong with Brother Xi? Tong Ye stood in the middle of their dormitory, looking at Jiang Xi's clothes and trousers thrown on the table after he came back last night. "Did you drink too much yesterday?" "No?" Jiang Xi's roommate said, "I seem to have a cold." Listening to their whispers, Jiang Xi raised his hand impatiently and waved: "Wait." He sat up with difficulty and pinched the back of his neck. Hangover, brother Xi? Tong Ye looked up at the people on the bed,silk ficus tree, "his face was full of happiness." "Cut the crap." Jiang Xi raised his hand and rubbed the stubble he had cut so short that it almost stuck to his scalp. "How many of them have gone?" "Eating in the canteen." Tong Ye said, "Let's go directly to the canteen to find them and have a meal by the way." "You go first." Jiang Xi touched his cell phone and grasped it. He got out of bed with a strong spirit. "I won't eat. I'll see you in the rehearsal room later." "That's all right." Tong Ye looked at him like this and estimated that he would have to clean up for a while. "Then I'll go to dinner." When Tong Ye left, he laughed at him and said, "You can drink less. Don't get sick at a young age." Jiang Xixin said, I really didn't drink much last night, even if I was drunk, it was because of Pei Chongyuan. Thinking of Pei Chongyuan, he glanced at his cell phone. Sure enough, after falling asleep, the other party sent him another message, telling him to have a fever or to take medicine and injection. This message was received when he came back from washing, and it has been more than two hours now. For more than two hours, Pei Chongyuan did not move again, Jiang Xi pondered for a while, outdoor palm trees ,fake ficus tree, did not take the initiative to contact again. Jiang Xi went to wash his face again and washed his hair by the way. He was not originally this hairstyle, refreshing ordinary short hair, the most common kind of college boys, but the last time he went to cut his hair, the barber chatted with people, and his hand shook to cut it. At that time barber that cries a panic, Jiang Xi says calmly however: "That pushed." So it was made into a round inch. The first day he met Pei Chongyuan was the second day after he cut the round inch. He had a new hairstyle, and he met a new person before he got used to it. Originally thought, anyway, sooner or later the hair will grow out, cut a round inch fresh can also be, did not think, on the addiction, a while ago there was a long trend, he cut it again. The night he cut his hair, he met Pei Chongyuan again. That's interesting. Her hair was short and easy to wash. When Jiang Xi returned to the dormitory, her short hair had not been dried, and drops of water trickled down her temples. He wiped it casually, changed his clothes, and went out of the door with a fever but still wet head. Still wearing the same jacket, carrying his black backpack, there was nothing in it, an old notebook, a gel pen bought by the school supermarket for three yuan, and a pair of drums that had been used for a long time. The dormitory heating was good, but as soon as he got out of the dormitory building, the cold wind came up and made him frown. The wind in winter is always like this, and it will never show mercy to anyone. Top-heavy Jiang Xi subconsciously pinched his collar, took two steps toward the outside, suddenly stamped his feet, and turned back to the dormitory. When he came out again, he tied a scarf, which Pei Chongyuan had given him last night. It was only a scarf, but it seemed to be a huge umbrella, soft and skin-friendly wool texture, gently rubbing against Jiang Xi's jaw, which made him a little distracted. The rehearsal in the afternoon went smoothly. Except for Jiang Xi, who was not in good condition because of illness, everyone else was fine. Tong Ye played a joke on him: "Brother Xi, really, drink less. Look at your face. It's like kidney deficiency." Jiang Xi stared at him coldly and did not speak. At three o'clock, when they were rehearsing, Jiang Xi's cell phone rang suddenly. Several people did not stop, until the end of a song Tong Ye put on the windowsill of the mobile phone to Jiang Xi. The caller is Pei Chongyuan. Brother Pei. "How is it?" Pei Chongyuan stood by the office window smoking a cigarette, "still have a fever?" Jiang Xi glanced at several people in the rehearsal room, put down the drum stick and pushed the door out with his cell phone. Not that bad Jiang Xi lay on the railing of the courtyard on the third floor and bent over to look down. "Much better." "Much better?" Pei Chongyuan laughs, "listen to your voice to know you have no spirit,outdoor ficus tree, did not take medicine?" It was such a tone again, like a question but with an unknown concern. Jiang Xi tried to capture his familiar message from his attitude, but failed.


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