Impetuous Impetuous

The answer is, "Go to heaven?" The golden dog said, "Didn't you go to the field?" Answer again: "The seed has been scattered, go to see the hair mouse fight?"

The answer is, "Go to heaven?" The golden dog said, "Didn't you go to the field?" Answer again: "The seed has been scattered, go to see the hair mouse fight?" Golden Dog says again: "Did not go out to do business?" The answer is almost angry: "Money is not prickly, do you find a way?" The tone of this kind of apathy, of saying the opposite, and of retorting with each other, made Shi Hu very angry. He jumped up and shouted, "Did you take the shot?"? I'm from the countryside, and this is a big reporter from the state city newspaper! The men opened their eyes wide, looked at the golden dog and the stone tiger, and then looked at each other, but no one spoke. One man stood up and walked away silently, and the three of them stood up and walked away. Beneath that gable, empty of warm sunlight and a row of stone, a dirty sow with six or seven young tosses and turn in her sleep, groans, and rumbles away from the grass nest at the foot of the wall. Embarrassed, Shi Hu laughed at himself and said,plastic wheelie bins, "The people here are stiff and can't hear any good or bad words.". I'll take you to the one in the valley. I know that one. To the valley, this is a very beautiful place, one side facing the ditch, surrounded by earth bags on three sides, the house is built in the middle. In a crooked field in front of the house, two men were hoeing bean seedlings. Shi Hu gave a cry, and a naked old man took one look and worked in silence. An old woman wearing a knee-length dress covered her forehead and looked this way for a long time. Suddenly she shouted,wholesale plastic pallet, "It's Shi Wenshu!"! Oh, you haven't been here for two years. You've forgotten all about us. Now you love the rich and don't love the poor! As she spoke, the old woman came over, ugly beyond description, still nagging and complaining, not timid at all. "What nonsense are you talking about?" Shi Hu said. "Where do you love the rich but not the poor?"! The national policy is to let some people get rich first, and your family should also. The old woman said, "Is there no relief now?"? My clothes, or the year before last you sent down the relief money, but two years, the public dog big man also did not come, not a penny! Look at this dress. Is it rotten enough to wear? No money to buy cattle, no cattle, plastic pallet supplier ,plastic pallet manufacturer, no dung, sweet land, three meals a day, people also eat sweet rice! Look at my face. Do you think I'm fat? Swollen! Look at this leg! The old woman pressed her finger on her leg, and a small pit appeared on her leg, which did not recover for a long time. After pulling Shi Hu's clothes, it seems that Shi Hu will immediately take out a sum of money to relieve her. The two men were asking and answering questions, talking and persuading. The golden dog was amused at first, and then his heart sank. He went to the yard of the hut first. The yard was a mess, with sewage, rotten grass, chicken excrement and pig manure everywhere. Under the sun, the sour smell of evaporation was suffocating. He pushed open the door of a house. It was so dark that nothing could be seen inside. After a long time, he found that the house was almost empty, except for a huge stone barn built against the wall, filled with wheat, grain and potatoes. Next to the stone barn was a turning mill. Behind the turning mill was a cooking stove. A surprisingly large pot and two sea bowls were not washed. They were placed on the stone Kang behind the door. There was a black broken quilt at the end of the Kang. What surprised Golden Dog most was that on the north wall, there was a picture of Chairman Mao. The picture was very old, more than ten years ago, while the couplets on both sides were very new, but there was no writing. They were five big black circles on each side painted with smoke ink on the edge of the bowl. Half an hour later, Shi Hu finally got rid of the old woman's entanglement and said to the golden dog: "People who have seen the world are not timid to speak, and people who have not seen the world are not timid to speak. These mountain people are ignorant and fearless. They will cling to Hu Man when they see the national cadres!" The Golden Dog said, "Anyway, these people are too poor!" Shi Hu said, "I am too poor." With that, the two men had nothing to say. They did not stare at each other at all. They tried to look far away and looked at a dead tree on the hill in the distance. On the dead tree was a lonely crow. For two days in a row, this township clerk led the Golden Dog to visit 13 households in four villages. The conditions of the 13 households were different, but the outstanding impression was that in this remote and barren mountain village, there were still some peasants who had not really solved the problem of food and clothing. Their lives could not be compared with those of the residents of Zhoucheng, nor could they be compared with those of the peasants in the plain area of Dongyang County! And Golden Dog, the more in-depth visits, the more confused his mind, he did not know how to complete the writing task, has a premonition that the interview will end in failure. Shi Hu once asked him, "Do you have an angle for your article?" He replied: "There may be some examples of getting rich in Dongyang County, or even quite a few, but this kind of example is being grasped all over the country. I think the examples in other provinces and counties will certainly be more illustrative than those in Dongyang.". However, the fact that some of the peasants in Dongyang County are still hungry and poor is probably the most representative. Shi Hu asks: "Can you write these?" The golden dog can not immediately reply, he knows the function of a newspaper, but also knows the structure of today's society and the psychological structure of people in society, this direct report is not appropriate or even not allowed at all. However, to the distress of Golden Dog,heavy duty plastic pallet, there are so many problems in Dongyang County. Why do the leaders of the county Party committee not solve them effectively and reflect them upward, but boast about their experience in helping the people get rich everywhere? Is the false phenomenon of this kind of one class coax one class so serious unexpectedly, and let those peasants bubble in the misery of hunger and poverty forever.


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