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"Oh, Hu Lina, that's what you said. I see you're full of spring. I'm afraid you're not thinking about your brother every night." The street man known as Cow Green laughed lewdly.

"Oh, Hu Lina, that's what you said. I see you're full of spring. I'm afraid you're not thinking about your brother every night." The street man known as Cow Green laughed lewdly. Bah, I don't want to see you like that. I don't like you even if a man in the Song Dynasty is dead. Hu Lina was obviously a woman, but she was still wearing a double bun to express her virginity. Now she was a little ashamed and annoyed. She rubbed the handkerchief tucked in her waist and smashed it. The light thing hit another middle-aged man whose chin was full of beard residue. Sister Hu, your words are a little cruel. I have to support the cow green when I break the horizon. Last time, the famous stone octopus said "Three palaces, six courtyards and seventy-two imperial concubines". You want to be the woman of the dragon Yin Kong all day long, and you don't think that there are peerless beauties around you. You, sister Hu, just make do with me breaking the horizon. "Duan Tianya, you little oil flower, want to eat my tofu." Hu Lina was annoyed. "I even slept with a stone octopus. What happened to the people who slept in his book?"? You want to sleep with me? Let's talk about it after being a famous mouth in Tokyo. "She is a street woman who dares to act out." Ladies and gentlemen, listen to my advice from Ya Yi'an. Don't make a noise. I have inside information. There is a new joke below. It is said that a little man in Jiangdu County, Yangzhou Prefecture, in the Song Dynasty went to an overseas country to have an adventure story.. "How lively it is!" Zhao Xian seemed to forget the business, smiling at those street bickering, Zhao Jin listened to those dirty words, red in the face. At the moment of excitement, there was a sound of clappers upstairs. A beautiful girl led a young man in a black robe out. Zhao Xian saw that it was Paul Chen. This dead man has a lot of flowers. When Zhao Xian saw him, she couldn't help biting her lip. (End of the second episode) ~ Next Forecast ~ The event of the coming of the Kara-Khanate made Paul gain both fame and fortune, and there was a popular saying in the market that "when foreign countries come to court, the scholars of the Manchu Dynasty would rather have no real talents, the officials have a wise eye, and Paul from all over the world has read all the six arts of sages and sages", while Paul was worried about the affairs of several girls.. Assassins attack,Self-closing Shower Valve, the emperor's marriage, the biggest gang fight in Tokyo. One thing after another has left Paul in a mess. Predict what will happen in the future. Please watch the next episode. The crown covers the capital. In the third episode, the crown is full of the first chapter of Beijing, which is full of success, Paul. Painted museum forecourt boys are some sharp eyes clever petty official son, see Zhao Jin, Zhao Xian dress is not rich or noble, and with a very dignified housekeeper and two ferocious servants, Baba to lead a few people to a good position on the second floor, "two childe,Urinal Manual Flush Valve, neglect, you two look, this position just can see the story on the stage, the story today, It belongs to everyone of Huakuimi in our Painted Skin Museum. Hey, hey. That lover, the owner of the Four Seas Martial Arts School, is a great person. He comes to help you as a guest. This Bao Dashao is an immortal in the sky, a bluebird supervisor, and a storyteller who is full of hype.. The old eunuch Zhao Song glared at the boy. His cold eyes frightened the clever boy into a cold sweat behind his back. He stuffed a piece of broken silver into his hand. "Here's a pot of Dragon and Phoenix Snow Bud Tea. The rest is for you. Remember, wash the teacup with boiling water. Otherwise, take care of your body and go quickly." The boy bit hard, darling, a row of teeth marks, pure silver, afraid not to have five or six money appearance, happy to smile, no thanks, Self-closing Faucet ,Flushometer valve, bow and scrape. The two bodyguards took out two pieces of good Huzhou silk from their bosom and put them on the stool. Then Zhao Song let the two princesses sit down. Looking at Paul Chen sitting on the brocade stool on the stage, the beautiful girl beside him also took a round fan embroidered with three gentlemen of plum, orchid and bamboo to fan Paul. She couldn't help being jealous. "This dead man really enjoys himself. He sings and tells stories. I'm afraid he can't do anything except give birth to a child.." Speaking of giving birth to a child, some embarrassed, looked at the side of Zhao Jin, the long princess just took the eyes to cut her, see her face a red, "good sister, I dare not next time.". ” Zhao Jin was about to say her, this side of the boy accompanied with a smile to send the dragon and phoenix snow bud tea, the other side of the central Paul Chen hula opened the folding fan, coughed, but there is a model, "everyone, today to tell you is a new book, the book is called" animal blood boiling ", said is my big Song Dynasty Huainan East Road Yangzhou Jiangdu County people Liu shock, accidentally drifted overseas, to the north of Luzhou, The people of this North Guluzhou are not called people, they are called Beamons, and they are all animal-faced people. He has a Shaolin lion roar, a loud voice, and a fresh theme of this new book. The protagonist is an ordinary family, with a strong sense of involvement. It is also the love between man and beast. There are many adventures. The fox is as beautiful as a flower. From time to time, there are dirty jokes. The dog's blood is scattered very well. It is not like the old story of ordinary gifted scholars and beautiful women, which is mixed with many common sayings in the street. I heard a lot of people upstairs and downstairs crying out. Often say critical juncture, sell a pass, somebody interrupts even ask: "Below how?"? "This Liu shock ate the dragon egg coma, animal blood boiling up, crotch head up, see the little fox spirit red face and ears, heart beating more than, but to save the life of the lover, it must use the virgin red pill, the little fox spirit slowly took off her dress, beautiful and enchanting figure, exquisite curve, a fox tail is added a lot of beauty, looking at the naked body of the lover, heart chaos.." Speaking of this, "Pa", the folding fan clapped on the table, "The world is like clouds and smoke, the little people can also be outstanding and top-notch, and have an affair again and again. Predict whether Liu is shocked to achieve good things with the little fox spirit, and listen to the next explanation." The following group of diners listened to this fresh story, which was an overseas anecdote, and it was very rare to hear it. What's more, when it came to the sex scene, they broke it down the next time. They were so fascinated that they refused to do it anyway. They shouted for Paul to go on. It was Mi Xiangxiang's maid, with a red face, who pulled Paul upstairs. There was a man who was obsessed with listening to books in September. When he saw Paul turning to go, he shouted, "I said Paul, will you update it tomorrow?" It provoked a chorus of questions from upstairs to downstairs. "The word" update "comes from an old Hanlin who was obsessed with listening to books. It probably refers to the clapper sound used by famous people who say that there will be a watchman in front of a book (that is, a person who beats a clapper in the street late at night to indicate the time and shouts" dry things,Stainless Steel Toilet Bowl, be careful of the fire "), and then say: When the clapper upstairs rings, a new paragraph will come. It can be said that it is updated." 。


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