Mang Huang Ji

Then Ji Yichuan took out an animal skin from his bosom and handed it to Ji Ning: "I know you always want to know who killed your uncle and hurt your mother and me.

Then Ji Yichuan took out an animal skin from his bosom and handed it to Ji Ning: "I know you always want to know who killed your uncle and hurt your mother and me. There is a name on it.". There are also some messages from them. I asked Grandpa to give it to you, but since I came back from Niujiao Mountain alive, I will give it to you personally. "I swear." Ji Ning took the animal skin, his eyes flashed fiercely, and he gritted his teeth and said, "I, Ji Ning, will kill them.". Revenge for this! Ji Yichuan nods: "Revenge I do not stop you, but you remember, in me and your mother's heart, your life is much more precious than them." "I understand." Ji Ning nodded. Uh Ji Yichuan could clearly feel the constant passage of his vitality and the weakening of his breath. He smiled, "Remember, when I die, cremate me.". And scatter my ashes on the lake of the winged serpent. I told your mother I'd be with her when I die. Ji Ning fought back tears. In my life, I was carefree when I was young, and I worked hard when I was young, and I became famous in Yanshan with the sword in my hand. Ji Yichuan looked at the void,14 tube fitting, eyes misty, "I have sworn, with the sword in my hand, the name of the endless land of the Daxia Dynasty!"! It is a pity I can't do it. But my son will do it. Ji Yichuan looked at Ji Ning with endless desire in his eyes: "Ji Ning, you will do it!" Ji Ning's heart is sour. He also clearly remembered the scene when his father taught him swordsmanship by hand. From today on, I will teach you to practice the sword. At that time, he was only a child,14 needle valve, and his father looked tall and burly. Start from the basic thirteen sword style, and teach yourself step by step. …… Ji Ning understood at this moment that his father, who had cut off the immortal road at that time, had placed his desire for the sword on himself. I will do it. Ji Ning looked at his father and promised, "Father, I will do it, I will do it, I will be famous in the endless land of Daxia Dynasty." Ji Yichuan reached out his hand and gently touched Ji Ning's face. The hands are shaking. Remember, live well and live well. Ji Yichuan's voice has been weak, and his smile has become more and more brilliant, "live happily, live happily, stainless steel needle valve ,12 needle valve, live freely.." Father's hand suddenly dropped and his eyes closed. Puff. Ji Ning knelt down, lowered his head and clenched his teeth. Ah Ji Ning looked up and let out a howl. Bai Shuize also touched Ji Yichuan's body gently with his head, touching, his eyes also had tears flowing down. No one knows, Ji Yichuan died quietly, only accompanied by Ji Ning and Baishuize. None of the other servants on Mingxin Island know. Whoa. "Wow." A boat is floating on the Winged Snake Lake, Ji Ning is on the boat, holding the urn, sprinkling the ashes into the lake one by one, drifting with the wind and melting into the water. In the setting sun. On a small boat, a young boy and a big white dog floated slowly. Ji Ning did not leave Yanshan immediately, but continued to stay on Mingxin Island in Winged Snake Lake. He also went to Shuifu halfway, and went to the Temple of War in Shuifu to break through the second floor! The second layer is really not dangerous for today's Ji Ning, and then Ji Ning chose the same in the human rank treasure. Autumn and winter come in a twinkling of an eye. There was a heavy snow outside. Ji Ning practiced swordsmanship with his fingers in his study and then wrote down on the animal skin paper. Autumn leaves. Ji Ning shouted. Childe. Soon the autumn leaves pushed the door and came in. You arrange for someone to inform Wanjian City and Xifu City. Ji Ning said, "I'm leaving." "Gone?" Qiu Ye was stunned and looked at Ji Ning. "Childe.". Are you leaving Yanshan? Autumn leaves have long known that there will be this day, her son is a talented genius, will eventually leave Yanshan. But when the day comes. The autumn leaves still feel distressed and reluctant. What a fool. Ji Ning stepped forward and reached out to wipe away the tears of the autumn leaves. I still need to make a good living. The world is vast and there are many strong people. I can't stay on the ground and be arrogant. "I understand, Akiba understands." Akiba Liandao. Autumn leaves. Ji Ning took out a crystal and handed it to Qiu Ye. "There are some treasures in this crystal, which I prepared for you and for the bluestone.". Spring grass is dead, although I have to go. But the bluestone has to be taken care of. There is a book in the crystal, which records the usage of many treasures in detail. Among them was the Pill for Washing the Marrow, which was obtained from the Vientiane True Man. After eating, you can improve your aptitude and greatly increase the possibility of stepping into the innate life. Ji Ning said. This. This is too precious. Akiba was shocked and refused. Ji Ning looked at Qiu Ye and said, "Xiuxian Road is long. I don't want to see Qiu Ye die early.". If you become a natural being, you can live longer. Don't refuse.. It may be precious to wash the marrow in places like Yanshan. But for some powerful characters such as Vientiane Zhenren, this Washing Marrow Dan is nothing. "Live longer." Qiu Ye nodded gently and did not refuse again. She looked at Ji Ning. Will the Childe come back? "I will come back, I will come back." Ji Ning sighed, "There are many things I can't give up here in Wing Snake Lake. I have achieved something in my practice and will come back to Wing Snake Lake." "I'll wait for the Childe." Akiba looked at Ji Ning. Ji Ning laughs: "Do not wait foolishly, if have the person that likes, marry." Akiba shook her head. "I am your maid. I have been your maid all my life." Ji Ning didn't say much. The next day. Outside, covered with snow, Ji Youyang, Ji Honghua, Ji Jiuhuo, Ji Liuzhen and others all arrived here. These are some of the secrets I got by chance. Ji Ning directly handed the patriarch Ji Jiuhuo, "Most of them are equivalent to Wan Jian Qu and Dishui Jing." "This scroll, on the other hand, is a record of a Sanxian's experience in the formation of the Nine Volumes of the Formation." Ji Ning also handed to the patriarch Ji Jiuhuo, "mysterious and unpredictable, but the array to study the need for qualifications,38 tube fitting, but also need to spend a long time.". In the future, we hope to teach students in accordance with their aptitude within the family. Ji Jiuhuo, Ji Liuzhen and others were shocked. What do you learn from the array of Sanxian.


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