Marry Qin Shi Huang's Sick Father

Huayang lady listened to Li Wei's words suddenly stunned,

Huayang lady listened to Li Wei's words suddenly stunned, she is not a woman with political planning, she only thought of not letting Zhao Ji be picked up by Zichu, but she did not think of the possible consequences of offending the old king of Qin. That Huayang lady also did not smile, a moment of some panic, only looking at Li Wei, a look of obedience. Li Wei nodded to Mi Zhen to reassure her. She turned to let go of Zichu's hand, but Zichu grabbed it back in a panic. Li Wei looked back at his nervous and hesitant expression. Suddenly she smiled and said, "I believe you." Only then did Zi Chu let her pull out her hand and follow Li Wei with a wrong look to see her come to Cheng Jiao. Li Wei looked down at the clear-eyed Cheng Jiao and said, "Your name is Cheng Jiao?"? Where did you live before? Do you know anything about your father? Cheng Jiao nodded and said, "My mother and I live in the west courtyard. We haven't been out very much.". My grandmother told my mother that my father was the grandson of the king of Qin and the heir of the prince. Li Wei smiled coldly, Cheng Jiao looked at her and swallowed saliva, as if he was afraid of Li Wei, a thin man with slender eyebrows. He grabbed Ji Qingli's skirt and looked at her with questioning and uncertain eyes. Ji Qingli hid Cheng Jiao behind her. She bowed her head and said, "Sir, if you have anything to say, just ask me. Cheng Jiao is still young and doesn't know anything." Li Wei said casually, "I don't know anything,Calacatta Nano Glass, but I know that my father is the heir of the prince. Madam Ji, you taught me very well." Ji Qingli's eyes were somewhat evasive, but he still managed to maintain a calm appearance. Li Wei also does not talk much with her, direct way: "Talk about you and Childe that night thing." Ji Qingli seemed to breathe a sigh of relief. She saluted Li Wei and said, "I was born in the royal family of the Zhou Dynasty. I was of the same family as my son's birth mother. Later, I was sent to the Qin Palace to serve my son's birth mother,Grey Marble Slab, Lady Xia Ji.". Childe quality Zhao's eve, Xia Ji madam does not give up childe, and know quality Zhao thousand difficulties and dangers childe is afraid to go back.. "" "She knew how difficult and dangerous it was for Zhao, and why she refused to let me stay in Qin when the King of Qin asked her to choose, but chose to keep the Nine Tripods of the Zhou Dynasty!" Zi Chu suddenly got up and asked with red eyes, "She always took me to negotiate with the King of Qin, and she also'contributed a lot 'to the quality of Zhao. Do you think I don't know?" Ji Qingli and Cheng Jiao were frightened by the suddenly angry Zichu. They stepped back a few steps. Cheng Jiao cried on the spot. Holding Ji Qingli in his arms, he cried, "He's not my father. I'm so scared.." Ji Qingli didn't expect Cheng Jiao to suddenly say such a thing. In a panic, he advised Cheng Jiao, "Don't talk nonsense, Jiao. Don't make your father unhappy. Don't cry." "He's not. You lied to me. He's so fierce." Cheng Jiao cried and twisted his body, not listening to Ji Qingli's persuasion at all. Li Wei did not care about Ji Qingli's mother and son, Pietra Gray Marble ,Calacatta Quartz Slab, but only blocked Zichu. He took his arm and said in a soothing tone, "Childe, first ask about Cheng Jiao's family background. I believe in Childe." Zi Chu thought of the Holy Mother and was so angry that he stared at Ji Qingli angrily and sat back under Li Wei's signal. You go on. Li Wei said to Ji Qingli lightly. It was not easy for Ji Qingli to coax Cheng Jiao. She lowered her head and said, "Lady Xia Ji used that kind of medicinal liquor that day to prevent the interruption of the childe's blood. The childe was in a bad mood at that time. I served the childe and drank wine. When the childe was drunk, I went to the clouds and rain with him." "Lie!" Zi Chu didn't behave excessively this time. He just sat aside and interrupted in a flat voice. "I really drank the sake sent by my mother Xia Ji that day because of my unspeakable mood. But then I fell asleep after drinking it. It's impossible to be close to you. You don't have to pretend.". I may not remember much else, but I was so disheartened at the news of the death of my beloved, that you thought you were worth a hair of her head? Zi Chu said that Ji Qingli's face was red and white, and she had mentioned in front of others that the matter of seducing Zi Chu had been arranged, and it was pointed out that the dislike of not leaving any face was simply embarrassing to the extreme. Li Wei didn't even look at Ji Qingli, who was ashamed of herself. He turned to Mrs. Huayang and saluted, "Madam, I've asked everything I want to ask. Please let Cheng Jiao's mother and son go down to rest first. I'll explain the rest to you after I verify it.". ” Huayang lady since think of this matter involved in the royal blood after a lot of caution, Li Wei how to say she immediately according to the words, let people send away Cheng Jiao mother and son first. After that, Li Wei said that he would go back to check that year, but Zichu immediately followed him out on the grounds of seeing him off. Li Wei, Li Wei. When he caught up with Li Wei, he grabbed her and said, "I didn't. Listen to me," regardless of whether there were others around the chariot and horse farm of the Prince's Mansion. Although he did not know why there was Cheng Jiao's existence, he could be sure that he had never had any contamination with that Ji Qingli. He wanted to rush over and hug Li Wei and tell her that he had never done anything wrong to her, and if possible, he would even be willing to cut out his heart to show her now! But Li Wei calmly turned around and said, "What are you panicking about?" Zi Chu didn't expect her to be so calm. Instead, he was taken aback. He calmed down and said in a low voice, "You've seen me in Handan. Do you think I might be involved with other women like that?" "I'm not stupid enough to be fooled by an unfashionable woman like Ji Qingli and a kid as old as Zhao 15." Li Wei breathed a sigh of relief and opened his mouth under Zichu's expectant and uncertain eyes, "but Cheng Jiao and your appearance are three points similar, I think.." Her words suddenly stopped here, her face turned pale, even the color of her lips quickly faded, but the fine cold sweat of the wrong eye appeared on her forehead. Her hand trembled so much that she grabbed Zichu's wrist and sat down in pain, frowning before she could even speak, gasping for breath from her tight arched body. Zi Chu was frightened by her sudden change. He crouched down and hugged Li Wei. Holding her pale cheek in his palm, he said hurriedly, "What's wrong with you?"! Where do you feel pain? Li Wei, Li Wei! Li Wei completely fainted from the pain, which she did not want to experience for the second time in her life, as if the whole body was burning. Only a moment later, Zi Chu, who was holding her in his arms,Marble Granite Price, found that her deep white clothes were all wet with cold sweat. The author has something to say: I'm still on duty today. Oh, it's so hard. Tomorrow, we will unify the rumors of the relatives. Thank you for your support.


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