Xuan Yue Yin

Careful Mo Li was caught in the crook of his arm by Hua Ke and was stunned for a moment.

"非熙 ! Careful Mo Li was caught in the crook of his arm by Hua Ke and was stunned for a moment. The moment he lowered his head, he saw the man in black rushing toward Feixi. He hurriedly shouted. Shameless! Hua Ke saw the man in black who was attacking Feixi. With a loud shout, his figure fell down rapidly. His right fist suddenly swung out, and a pale yellow breath of Tiangang went straight to the man in black. Feixi had long noticed the movements of the man in black. She held the spirit beast in her arms with her left hand, and quickly pulled out her sword with her right hand. With one finger of the sword, the red flame suddenly jumped out and greeted the man in black. Huh?! Red flame! The man in black who attacked Feixi saw the red flame, his eyes flashed a bit of surprise, and he murmured softly. Roar! The roar of the lion shook the sky. Hua Ke attacked at the first time. The pale yellow sky had already formed a huge lion's head. His burly figure fell from the sky like a God. Stop him! The leading man in black caught a glimpse of Hua Ke, gave a loud shout, dodged the sword in Feixi's hand, turned over suddenly, and attacked Feixi from the side. The other four men in black on one side were ordered to rush at Hua Ke. Four practitioners with spiritual power exceeding eight levels and five layers surrounded Hua Ke in the middle. Although Hua Ke stirred up all his spiritual power, he attacked the four men crazily, but he could not break through for a while. Protect Miss Feixi! Long Yue, the Dharma Protector of Licheng, saw the situation in front of him. As soon as his old face changed, he shouted loudly and rushed to the man in black first. When the people of Licheng heard the order of the Dragon Dharma Protector, they cheered and shouted and rushed to the man in black. Wrath of the Serpent! When the man in black saw that all the people in Licheng had rushed to him, he was stunned. He frowned tightly,face detection android, and the dignified color between his eyebrows was even stronger. He raised his right hand and gave a loud shout. Countless snakes flew out of his sleeves and scattered towards the crowd. Be careful, everyone! When Feixi saw the snake all over the sky, a sense of foreboding flashed through his heart, and he hurriedly drank. Ah! "As soon as Feixi's words fell, I remembered a lot of screams around me. I saw countless snakes attacking all the people in Licheng. Hundreds of practitioners were all bitten by snakes except a few strong people with high spiritual power. Hundreds of people were lying in Licheng Square screaming." Tiangang Golden Lion! Tiangang White Monkey! Hua Ke saw the tragic situation of the dragon people in the square and flew into a rage. His arms shook violently and he roared to the sky. The golden lion armor on his body flashed like the scorching sun for nine days, which made people dare not look directly at it. As he drank, two war pets flashed out of thin air,facial recognization camera, Tiangang Golden Lion's body was magnified several times, his eyes were like electricity, Tiangang White Monkey's body was not magnified, but his body was filled with fierce golden lightning, his eyes were red, two peerless war pets with the power to destroy the world rushed to the four men in black. The four men in black did not dare to be careless, and each summoned a war pet. The war pet whistled loudly, and the melee continued. Licheng Square has already become a Shura field. The five men in black are all spiritual practitioners with more than eight or five levels of spiritual power. Their fighting capacity is extraordinary. Although Hua Ke has summoned two peerless war pets, he still can't win quickly. The fight of the snake! The leading man in black saw that Hua Ke was fighting more and more bravely. He knew that he had to subdue Fei Xi as soon as possible. With a loud shout, a set of colorful armor appeared on him. His speed in the armor was several times faster than before. His eyes were slightly heavy and his eyebrows were sharp. He rushed to Fei Xi. Dare to offend my dragon clan! Though far away, he will be punished! Just as the man in black was about to rush to Feixi's side, a loud shout rang through the four directions like a dull thunder. Fighting in the square of the people's face slightly stagnant, are in place, information kiosk price ,thermal imaging camera, they all looked up at the night sky, only to see the light flashing, hundreds of shadows fell from the sky, countless war pets, spirit animals flashed out, surrounded them. Long Yi, dressed in a black robe, came first, with a steady step, a resolute and gloomy face, and a pair of deep eyes with the fierce light of a wolf. He turned his head and looked at the people who had fallen to the ground in the square. His eyes were even more gloomy. As he walked slowly, he looked at him with a heroic spirit. Behind him, hundreds of dragon practitioners stood firm, surrounded by powerful anger and spiritual power, like magic weapons that could shake heaven and earth. Long Yi slowly raised his hand and pulled out the sword on his back. The joint of his right hand holding the sword was pale and bulging. The spiritual power in his body suddenly poured into the body of the sword. The sword was instantly enlarged and turned into a giant sword the size of a man. He will be in the hands of a giant sword horizontal, tigerish wind, golden armor instantly covered his whole body, golden awn flashing, cold words sounded. No one left! "Yes!" The hundreds of people who followed Long Yi answered in a loud voice, showing their weapons and rushing toward the five men in black. The five men in black saw the sudden appearance of hundreds of dragon people, immediately in the heart a stupefied, even though they five people spiritual power again high, but in the face of hundreds of spiritual power super strong, their hearts are still with a bit of fear, five people figure swept together. When the leading man in black saw that the dragons were about to come, he hurriedly shouted, "Wait!" Long Yi snorted coldly, with a bit of mockery between his eyebrows, and sneered. Hurt my dragons! You won't get out of Licheng alive! When the man in black heard Long Yi's arrogant and cold words, his eyes were slightly stagnant, and he said in a deep voice. Xiao Tian Ling-Long Yi! It really lives up to its reputation! But you may not dare to hurt me! "Oh?"! Is it?! I'd like to see who in the whole world dares to touch my dragon clan! Long Yi frowned, pursed the corners of his mouth, and said in a cold voice. You're not qualified yet! The man in black gave a sneer, and there was a little more banter in his eyes. Hum! Do it! No one left! Long Yi gave a loud shout, and his figure jumped to the ground, waving a giant sword in his right hand like a hungry wolf and rushing up to the man in black. Stop it! A dignified and indifferent voice sounded, with the dragon Yi rushed up to hear the sound of light drink, and did not stop, Xiao Tianling has only listened to the orders of Long Yi. young master Stop it! Four old men in black fell from the sky, dodged to Long Yi's side, stopped him, and drank again. Long Yi turned his head to meet the deep eyes of the elder Long Cang, and the two eyes met in midair,touch screen digital signage, each seeing some clues from each other's eyes. Long Yi snorted coldly, his right hand holding the sword suddenly raised, and hundreds of followers behind him stopped in place. hsdtouch.com


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