The goddess of battle

By this time, members of the Standing Committee, such as Luo Bawang and Wang Ruifeng, as well as other members of the Standing Committee

Jesse laughed, "Qi Bei, why did you bring out the children at home?" Then he said to the angry Ke Qihao, "I'm from the mercenary regiment. Your sister lives under me. Isn't she one of my men?" Mercenary Corps? Ke Qihao was suddenly enlightened. It turned out that his fourth elder sister had gone to train secretly. No wonder her ability had improved so much. The sulk in her heart suddenly disappeared. Then she aimed the gun at Ke Qibei: "Fourth elder sister, don't you take me with you when you go to train?" Ke Qibei looked serious: "Not to play!" Ke Qihao is discouraged, although he still has a year to come of age, but no one has ever seen him as a child, how out of this mission, was the fourth sister as a child, even outside the district also laughed at him childish? Is he childish? Is he childish? Childish? Is there any! …… With the addition of Jesse, the temporary three-person team has expanded into a four-person team! Four people without stopping for two hours of mountain road, this place was sparsely located in a few small villages, but now has all fallen, along the way met a lot of villagers into zombies. I don't know if this forest has been immersed in too strong smell of putrefaction, as long as you don't have the smell of blood, most of the zombies can't feel the smell of strangers, so all the zombies in this forest rely on sound. Four people met zombies along the way, the first is to hold their breath not to make a sound, let the zombies walk past. Because their ammunition is limited, of course, this good steel must be used in the right place. Ke Qihao all the way down, has been used to the appearance of zombies, successfully avoided many zombies after his courage is also growing, zombies walk unsteadily,Heme Iron Polypeptide, once he stretched out his foot to trip a zombie, a stiff zombie foot stuck in the trunk, usually as long as the foot out can stand up, but zombies have lost their minds, it only knows how to move forward. So he always couldn't stand up and flopped wildly on the ground, crying wildly. This time, four people met seven or eight zombies, they wear ragged clothes, covered with scratches, dry black blood everywhere, most of the body is incomplete, they came with a low roar. Four people immediately do not move, Theobromine Powder ,Thyroid Powder Factory, stand in place to install the wooden man. Ke Qihao looked at the zombie with a cheeky smile on his face, and saw one coming towards him. The zombie could not turn, and it was sure that it could not go in its own direction. Ke Qihao came back and winked at Ke Qibei for a while. Ke Qibei felt something was wrong, but he couldn't say it. He happened to look up and saw Ke Qihao making a face at her. Suddenly, he caught a glimpse of a red light in the corner of his eye. A bad message flashed through Ke Qibei's mind. He shouted loudly: "Qi Hao, be careful of the zombie in front of you!" This red-eyed zombie has no mental reaction! Ke Qihao turned his head, but the zombie had roared up, and the sharp teeth were about to bite Ke Qihao's neck. Ke Qihao is startled, there is only one thought in his mind, die! Just as the red-eyed zombie was about to crush Ke Qihao's neck, a gunshot passed through the shoulder blade of the red-eyed zombie, which could not be destroyed, but the impact of the bullet made the zombie's body fly back. Ke Qihao immediately came to his senses and drew out his pistol and shot the red-eyed zombie in the brain. The rest of the zombies heard the sound also low roar rushed up, four people busy take out weapons to deal with, not two minutes, all solved. Jesse raised the gun, blew off the dust on the muzzle, smiled very brightly, and said, "It is said that he is a talented young master.." You owe me one! The shot that just saved Ke Qihao's life came from Jesse. Ke Qihao puffed up his face, and he was saved by a man from outside the district? "Hum!" Ke Qihao snorted twice in silence: "Remember.." Wait for me to pay you back twice. Hum! Keep humming. Dongfang Yi Jiong, he has only heard of the mecha genius Ke Qihao, why? Could it be that this mission inspired Ke Qihao's childlike innocence? Or is it like Jesse said, the kid is so childish? Ke Qibei: "The last time I went on a mission, I felt that red-eyed zombies were different from ordinary ones. Now I can conclude that..." "They have intelligence!" Ke Qibei and Dongfang Yi said in unison. Red-eyed zombies are obviously pretending to be the same as ordinary zombies, waiting for an opportunity to approach Ke Qihao, before starting, this is not what is IQ? But having come to such a conclusion, the four will not feel happy in their hearts. I walked for more than an hour. This time it was Ke Qihao who offered to rest: "My physical indicator light reminds me that it's time to replenish my energy!" Ke Qibei translated it and probably understood it as a rest. Little kid.. I advise you to lose that damn pilot light, it will do you absolutely no good on this mission! Jesse said half jokingly. Ke Qibei seriously echoed. Ke Qihao firmly ignored, his fourth sister originally thought strange not to say, outside these weak genes to listen to their advice, the world is not going to be destroyed? "Wheels." Ke Qihao turned his head and refused to admit that his stomach was crying. Jesse smiled. None of the three of them had a backpack. Of course, there was no food. Jesse put down his backpack, opened the zipper and pulled out a round white thing. One of them lost one! Ke Qihao caught the food excitedly, and then he was stunned: "It's not a nutrient solution?"? What is this? "Steamed bread." Ke Qibei has begun to gnaw. Seeing this, Ke Qihao took a bite and threw it on the ground. "Bah!"! It's so hard that it seems to be rancid! Ke Qibei stood up and silently picked up the steamed bread that had occupied the soil, patted it clean and put it away, then returned to the stump and sat down and continued to eat the steamed bread. Ke Qibei took small bites and chewed slowly, which made people think that she was eating the most delicious food in the world. Ke Qihao touched his shrunken stomach and looked at Ke Qibei's delicious appearance. He wanted to try the steamed bread again. Unfortunately,D BHB Factory, he only took a bite of the steamed bread and then threw it on the low side. The steamed bread was taken away by Ke Qibei. Ke Qihao could only watch the three of them eating steamed buns with an empty stomach. Ke Qihao threw a look that he thought was pitiful to Ke Qibei, but I don't know if Ke had seen it, but he ignored him anyway.


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