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By this time, members of the Standing Committee, such as Luo Bawang and Wang Ruifeng, as well as other members of the Standing Committee

Jiang Yan ran said coldly, "If she is sensible and wants to live a few more days, she'd better behave herself." Su Qinghuan finally could not listen and scolded, "Yan ran, you have gone too far today!"! It's right to be clear about love and hate, but it's wrong to be acerbic. It is not worthwhile to make oneself odious for the sake of irrelevant people. Neither the night sound nor the prince has anything to do with you. In the relationship between two people, the most harmonious thing is that they love each other, and the most painful thing is that they can't love each other. See Jiang Yan ran bowed his head and did not make a sound, Su Qinghuan sighed, tone eased a lot: "Yan ran, let yourself go.". Let's all let ourselves go. Life is only a few decades, and it's not worth wasting time on people who don't love you. Among thousands of people, you are just the first to know him, and there are many others waiting for you. You will always pick the person who is satisfied and can work together for a lifetime. "Yes, madam." When Su Qinghuan heard this, she knew that she had not taken her words to heart at all, but there was no way to persuade her, so she did not say any more. In the evening, the little turnip came back,Berberine Hydrochloride Factory, but he stayed in the barracks. Mother, Xixia sent the first batch of BMW, father is busy, brother is also. My sister played with Zhan Younian and said she would come back with her brother. 'Good. You didn't have to come back to be with me. Su Qing laughed and said, "I just moved from the house to a few streets back, not far away.". Have you eaten yet? "Yes, but you can have more snacks." Radish way. Bai Su smiled and went to get him a snack. I didn't come back specially to accompany my mother,Lactoferrin Manufacturer, but my brother couldn't leave and sent me something to do. Radish said again. The prince had been investigating the loss of the body in Yizhuang a few days ago, and had been used to make a big fuss, and had some clues, but tonight there was something else, so he gave it to him. The little turnip thought to himself that the prince's brother didn't want to get too close to Zhan Younian. Especially today, the Western Xia Dynasty came, but Zhan Younian could not go back. He was in a bad mood, and Awa was accompanying him. Moreover, the prince also wanted to tell her personally about the birth of the son of the night sound, fearing that she would only add to her worries-she had always been bitter about the separation of the child from the prince's concerns. These things cannot be told to Su Ching-huan. What is it? "Little things, my brother wants to exercise me." Radish said casually, but thought to himself, Dad also asked about this matter today. He was perfunctory in the past according to what he had thought before, Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer ,S Adenosyl Methionine, but he was more sure in his heart that someone was not willing to use this matter to fan the flames and should not be taken lightly. He now has some doubts, this matter refers to Su Qinghuan. Su Qinghuan did not ask much, his heart was occupied by other things. Western Xia came, that Lu Qi must be very busy these days, more will not find that she has left. This should be a good thing, but why is she a little disappointed? In the barracks. Are you homesick? Isn't it fun here? Awa shook his short legs and said to Zhan Younian, whose eyes were red. Of course I'm homesick. Zhan You-nian saw Lai Shi and listened to him convey his father's words that he should be calm. He was extremely irritable. He had to say to Lai Shi that he was all right. In his heart, a cavity of resentment broke out on Awa. "If this is the territory of Xixia, I will feel funny." She was so angry that she jumped down and said akimbo, "How dare you!"! My father beat you all back to your hometown! "Your father has lost his memory. What else can he do?" She stamped her feet and said, "What is your father capable of?"? Don't you bow down and send compensation for peace? After years of fighting, we are no longer friends! With a snort, she turned and ran out, but without warning, she bumped into two long legs. Who He covered his head angrily. As soon as the voice fell, he was picked up by a pair of strong arms. Why are you annoyed? Asked the prince. Zhan Younian, he quarreled with me, and I comforted him kindly. Awa was aggrieved, but he stopped as he spoke. She suddenly remembered that she was still angry with the prince! Don't talk to him now! "My brother is also bad, and you are all bad." He wriggled in his arms. "I'm going to find my father." "My uncle is summoning an envoy from the Western Xia. He's been busy these two days. Don't bother him.". Come to my tent, and I will bring you something interesting. ” He specially found time to go to Ghost Hand Zhang and asked for two gadgets to coax him. Originally, he was very proud to say that he didn't want to go, not rare, but he heard that it was made by ghost hand Zhang, and he was half pushed and half held back by the prince. Zhan Younian thought that he had really gone too far, and did not want to lose his only friend, so he chased him out, only to see the prince holding her back and leaving. He stood there for a long time. On the second day, Jiang Yan ran ordered his subordinates to start carrying things to Su Qinghuan's house. Sixteen boxes of clothes, also really big ostentation and extravagance, so it alarmed the unexpected people. Chapter 848 thin horse ginger green radish. When Su Qinghuan heard that one of the four women who had been sent was coming to see her, his first reaction was that he did not want to see her. She managed to calm down a little, and she really didn't want to see these people who were blocking her heart any more. But on second thought, since she dared to come over, she should have something to do, and listen to what she was going to do. The thin horse's life experience is basically not good, and the future of this life is basically doomed to be hopeless-they have been given the medicine of tigers and wolves, so that they can be obediently attached to their male and female masters and not think about it. In this day and age, women without children often end up in a bad way. If she had come to flatter and flatter, Su Ching-huan would have ignored her, but her intuition would not. The thin horse was docile, new to the country, and very unfamiliar with the surroundings,Glucono Delta Lactone, so she should not have been so bold. Let her in. Su Qinghuan opened his mouth lightly and did not put down his needlework. Bai Su came forward to tidy up her clothes and hair, but she refused. You don't have to. She was not the one who was going to give her concubine a blow, and she would never put herself in such a situation. She was just curious about why Baba was coming to see her. pioneer-biotech.com


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