Live up to the Tathagata and live up to Qing

By this time, members of the Standing Committee, such as Luo Bawang and Wang Ruifeng, as well as other members of the Standing Committee

Without waiting for us to finish saluting, Lv Guang folded his fists and bowed to Luoshi: "Dharma Master, the son of a dog did such an act without Lv's permission. He offended the Buddha and deserved to die." His face seemed a little unwilling, but he continued to say, "I only hope that the Dharma Master will be merciful and save the dog's life.". He had been in a coma for two hours, and no matter how he was treated, he could not wake up. If you go on like this, your life will be in danger. Rosh kept looking at Lu Guang with a pale face. When he had finished, he clasped his hands together and said to Lv Guang, "General Lv didn't.." "General Lu, this is the blame of the Buddha. How can you save it if you want to?" Fushadeva interrupted Rosh and said coldly. Lu Guang raised his eyes, clenched his fist, and took a breath? According to the national teacher, how can we save the son of the dog? "There are two reasons for the Buddha's sin.". First, I don't want my eldest brother to return to the secular world, and second, I can't bear to see their husband and wife separated. If General Lv is beautiful as an adult, don't make trouble again. The Buddha will surely bless General Lv. "Well, as the national teacher said, Lv promised." The blue veins on Lu Guang's neck were beating, and he said with a calm face, "just, how can I wake up the dog?" With a meaningful glance at Rosh, Fushadeva bowed slightly to Lv Guang and said, "I need my eldest brother to summon the monks to pray for General Lv. The Buddha will hear it.". General Lv can wake up in a day and night at most. "What if you don't wake up at this time tomorrow?" "As long as General Lu sincerely agrees to those two points, Fushadeva can use her head to guarantee them." "Well, if the son of a dog wakes up before this time tomorrow, Lv will keep his promise." Lu Guang made a gesture of invitation to Rosh, "then ask the Dharma Master to work hard." Plain and light is true Rosh stayed in the temple that night and didn't come back. Fushadeva called Xiaoxuan to accompany me. In the afternoon of the next day,gold shaking table, Fushadeva came and told me that Rosh had led the monk to recite the Sutra of Peace all night. Lv Zuan woke up on time and was afraid to see Rosh. Lv Guang lost his dignity and didn't want to stay any longer. He ordered to set out for the royal city early tomorrow morning. The couple also miss their children and will go back with Bai Zhen tomorrow. They sat until Rosh came back from the temple and said goodbye to us reluctantly after dinner. When she left, she assured us that Lv Guang should have found that he had exhausted all means, but still could not overwhelm Rosh. Although Lv Guang is fatuous and slanderous, he is still a man. Since he promised in front of so many people, he will keep his promise and no longer embarrass us. Rosh and I both breathed a sigh of relief and finally calmed down. Lu Guang will not leave Qiuci until next year, that is, in March 385 AD. I'm sure he'll take Rosh away, but at least we'll have four months of peace. I told Rosh this that night, and he held me in his arms all the time. He was silent for a long time before he said, "It's Rosh's mission to go to China. I won't run away.". It's just, will you stay with me? "I will be with you until I die." I looked into his pure eyes, which had fascinated me since he was thirteen years old, and told him in the most affirmative voice, "I will protect you, stand behind you and accomplish you, magnetic separator machine ,gold CIP machine, and help you fulfill your mission." A bright smile made him as handsome as a God. Suddenly, he remembered something. His smile faded and he looked at me solemnly. "Ai Qing, don't mention your true identity to anyone except Rosh. Don't tell anyone about their future.". And don't use your powers from the future in front of anyone unless you absolutely have to. He moved his eyes out of the window, his mind drifting, his eyebrows on the faint cloud cage, "I'm afraid, you can predict the future, more interesting to those heroes in troubled times than the identity of fairies.." In his heart, he now sounds like my boss. But the boss is starting from not changing history, and he is completely worried about my safety. I didn't care before. I thought of myself as a tourist. Anyway, I went back to modern times. However, if we really want to survive in this chaotic and tragic era, a careless one may bring disaster from the mouth. I'm not alone now. I can't just walk away. I can't get him into trouble. Give him a military salute and solemnly swear: "You can rest assured that I will just play the role of your wife.". We must observe the nose and the heart, be cautious in words and deeds, keep a low profile and never leak secrets. He burst out laughing, and the room was full of elegance and handsome. I haven't seen him smile so freely for a long time. For a moment, I became a nymphomaniac and just opened my mouth to look at him. He shaved my nose and asked softly, "Is it just a wife?" "Hm?" I swallowed my saliva and stared in puzzlement. With a familiar blush on his face, he encircled me from behind, resting his head on his shoulder and gently covering my flat lower abdomen with his long palm: "Is it.." He paused, breathing heavily, and a small voice came into his ears. "Don't you want to be a mother?" I was stunned. Mother? Child? Me and his kids? Turning to face him, his clean and refreshing face was flushed, but he looked at me steadily, with a shy but expectant smile on his lips. You Unsure, he mumbled, "Do you really want a child?" "Rosh never dared to think that there would be children in the world who were connected with his blood." The blush on his face did not fade for a long time, but it was a positive look in his eyes. "After being with you, I really want to have a child.". If you can, give birth to a girl who looks like you. Rosh must love this child with all his heart. A burst of acid rushed to the nose: "Aren't you afraid of being criticized by the world?" "Breaking the precepts to marry, which is not criticized?"? You know, Rosh doesn't care what the world and future generations will say. Calm look, in the pause to think into a few melancholy, "I just want a child of me and you, in the future, if one day you have to go back, keep a child, can also let me.." "I won't go!" He covered his mouth and said ferociously, "Don't forget, we've been together for a hundred years.". You want to get rid of me, dream! Fiery eyes looked back at me, eyebrows stretched out, covered lips gently pecked and kissed my palm. A burst of numbness passed to my spine, and I actually trembled slightly all over. I was picked up by him again, and now he likes to carry me to the bed. Ears and temples grinding, charming lingering, the most extreme moment of the soul,portable gold wash plant, but he suddenly pulled away. He had neve done anything like this before, and he gasped, "what's wrong?" 。


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