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By this time, members of the Standing Committee, such as Luo Bawang and Wang Ruifeng, as well as other members of the Standing Committee

Gu's face was red and white for a while, and his eyes flashed a trace of anger, but his expression became more and more respectful. "I dare not," he said hurriedly! How dare I ask about Master Lei. Only "It was the young lady who informed us to come." It was Xiao Lei who said this. His tone was calm and his expression was calm. The surname Gu breathed a sigh of relief, everyone knows that the young lady toward the Lei family, but also had a big quarrel with the master several times, now something happened at home, the young lady first asked the Lei family for help, it is not surprising. Thinking of this, the man surnamed Gu stepped aside. Thunder roar and small thunder walked into the house one after another, this surnamed Gu followed behind. Where is my uncle Tian? How is he? I'm going to see him. And where is Ke? That surname Gu answers aside: "Master is resting, the doctor just used medicine to him, had slept now.". The young lady has been crying today, staying by the master's side. Just now, Master Ximen tried to persuade her for a long time, but she refused to come back to rest. Master Thunder Roar, now that you're here, just go and persuade her. This does not say good, say "Ximen young master", small thunder is in the heart immediately great anger, thunder roar complexion is a little bad also,manganese beneficiation plant, coldly way: "What Ximen East Gate, what guy? Didn't you say you didn't see the guests? How do you let outsiders in?! The sweat on Gu's head had just been wiped, and now he was sweating again, and his face was embarrassed, but he did not know how to answer. The heart thinks: Is thunder roar brain bad? If in those days, he was the master's apprentice, and the future son-in-law, naturally qualified to ask me so,gold cil machine, now the relationship between the two families fell out. Don't you know that you are the "outsider" now, and the young master of Simon upstairs is the "own family". How dare he say what he thinks in his heart? He hemmed and hawed and blurred the past. Thunder roar also does not talk nonsense with him, lift a leg to be about to go upstairs. Just walked up two steps, suddenly a sharp eyes like lightning shot down, then a trace of cold killing gas blow on the face, stabbing people all over the body cold! A man came down slowly from the top of the stairs. The man in uniform, with blond hair, was a foreigner! It was Shaw, the Vatican knight who was following Simon and pretending to be the driver! He is as tall as thunder roar. At the moment, his eyes were like lightning, looking at the thunder roar full of hostility, and his whole body was full of a fierce murderous look. He stopped in the middle of the stairs and gave a cold look at the manager Gu. "How do you do things?" He said coldly in a stiff tone? Didn't you say no outsiders were allowed to come in? This remark was extremely impolite, with a faint tone of command. The man surnamed Gu was furious when he heard this. His anger flashed across his face. Then he endured the anger in his heart and said slowly, "This is the young master of the Lei family. He is the master's disciple. He is not an outsider." Xiao's face was still as cold as a rock. "No one can go up now." These words are even more polite, gold heap leaching ,mineral flotation, next to the Tian family is everyone showing dissatisfaction. The manager surnamed Gu was even more furious and thought, "What are you?"? But now Simon's position in the Tian family, almost as if the thunder roar in the Tian family's position in general, everyone when he is the master's son-in-law, who dare not listen to him? Just then, I heard a lazy voice saying, "Eh?"? General Manager Gu. Just now you said you didn't see any guests today. Who gave the order? Did Master Tian give the order, or did Master Simon give the order? When did someone named Ximen decide in the Tian family? Said this, the presence of the Tian family are all everyone to give birth to a little bit of good feelings for Xiao Lei. That Xiao's face did not change, still standing on the stairs. Thunder roared with a sneer. "Get out of here." Then he was about to go upstairs. With a murderous look in his eyes, Xiao stopped him in front of him and said coldly, "Don't go up." "***!" How hot is thunder roar? In great anger, he clenched his fist and smashed it. Xiao's face showed some disdain, but also a punch to meet over. When their fists met, they heard a bang, and both of them shook their bodies, and even the stairs trembled faintly! With two clicks, the steps under their feet cracked at the same time! The contempt on Xiao's face receded, and his eyes showed some surprise. He didn't expect the other side to be able to compete with him in boxing! Thunder roar is great anger, how can he think so much in his mind? Just now this punch, unexpectedly was caught by the other side, can not help but be a little angry. Moreover, he suffered a slight loss because of the opponent's commanding punch. His arm was tingling at the moment. He couldn't help saying angrily, "Where did the foreign devils come from? They dare to run wild here!" As soon as he pulled off his coat, he said angrily, "Circle you. If I don't pinch you to death today, I won't be surnamed Lei!" He is about to come forward, be pulled by small thunder however, hear small thunder light way: "Use the method that I teach you." Thunder roared for a moment and immediately nodded obediently. He does not listen to anyone, but the world only listens to three people, the first is naturally Miss Lei, the second is his wife Ruhua, and the third, I am afraid, is Xiao Lei. Xiao Lei looked at Xiao coldly. Just now Xiao only threw a punch. Xiao Lei immediately saw that this guy was a Vatican knight! The fighting spirit of the Vatican Knights, and the power of light and holiness, is absolutely unmistakable. Vatican Knights? I hate this kind of guy who comes to other people's house to tell others what to do. Thunder roared and clenched his fists. His joints crackled. "Dead foreign devils!" He shouted! Now, my Lord, on the count of three! If you don't get out of the way, I'll let you fly out. Xiao laughed back angrily and shouted, "Try it, boy!" He sneered in his mouth, and in his heart he really dared not despise the thunder roar, so he was busy preparing to meet the enemy. OK! I started counting. Thunder roared with a strange laugh, took a deep breath, then suddenly flashed a strange look in his eyes, opened his lips lightly,tin beneficiation plant, and spat a word directly in his mouth: "Three!" The voice did not fall, in Xiao's consternation, the thunder roar body has already jumped up like an arrow. Small. Say .t.xt. God . Don Chapter 333 the inscrutable Simon.


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