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Original title: What kind of drill bit should be used for rotary drilling rigs in different formations? It is completely clear! Because the geology of each place

Original Title: A Flash in the Pan Lego Mining Theme: Taking Stock of Lego Geocentric Adventure Series In the long history of Lego, there have been many thematic products that have disappeared in silence. Although some products are reborn by backdoor nirvana, more of them can only be forgotten. With 2020 just around the corner, Bad Snow takes a look at a 10-year-old themed package called Power Miners Geocentric Adventure Series (also known as Energy Quest). Lego Geocentric Adventure is a themed collection launched by Lego in 2009. It is aimed at people aged 8 to 14. From this age point of view, the positioning of Lego Geocentric Exploration is slightly higher than that of the popular Lego City Group (6 to 12 years old). Launched in 2009 and delisted in 2010, Lego has produced 16 boxed products in just two years. Because there are many boxed products, so the bad snow is mainly to show you the largest three boxes of set. The number three Lego Geocentric Adventure part is Crystal Sweeper, No.8961, which was launched in 2009. The name literally translates to Crystal Scanner, but Bad Snow thinks it's more like a giant self-propelled drill. Expand the full text The reason why Lego Geocentric Adventure is called "Adventure" by players is that almost every boxed product in the series comes with an underground monster made of rocks and crystals. And in this set of 8961, there are two monsters, the red crystal monster and the blue crystal monster. First put aside the size, from the shape alone, this box of 8961 mining machine can be counted as quite powerful. However, limited by the scale of 474 Lego bricks, there is no need to pursue too many details. In the chassis part, the 8961 uses some parts of the science and technology group. When you push the excavator, mining drill bit , the transport bucket behind it will also rotate. The drill hoist on the side of the vehicle can also be rotated. The second largest part in the series is Underground Mining Station, No.8709. The scale of 637 Lego bricks and 4 Lego dolls can only be regarded as a box product in all Lego products. This box of 8709 is a set of scenes, with two operating towers supported by a simple steel frame, with a hint of wasteland in the overall style. With a little modification, I think it is also possible to use the scene for the radiation series. The most striking feature of this suit is the transport cable between the two operating towers. You can control the movement of the hopper between the two towers by operating the operating device on one side of the tower. Since it is a mining station, it is indispensable to transport trucks. In this set of 8709, Lego also made very simple ore transport trucks. As for the monster, there is a green crystal monster in this box of 8709. In order to defeat the monster, the miners also used various means. The flagship product in the Lego Geocentric Adventure series is the Titanium Command Rig, numbered 8964. However, although it is called the flagship model, the parts are only 706 pieces. Because of the use of a large number of technology group parts, this Lego mining machine also has a linkage function. When the excavator is pushed forward, the drill bit at the front of the excavator will also rotate. Giant drilling rigs can also be erected. Turn the pinion on the frame after erection, and the drill bit can also be rotated. In detail, this box of 8964 also has a certain depiction. But in the general style, you will always feel that it seems to be very similar to some of the Lego Phantom Ninja suits. Of course, this sentence can be said to be reversed, it should be that some of the Lego Phantom Ninja suits later borrowed the style of exploration in the center of the earth. Since it was discontinued 10 years ago, if you want to buy a Lego Geocentric Adventure set now,down the hole bit, you have to pay a lot of money. The price increase is inevitable, but compared with other popular themes, the price increase of Lego Geocentric Exploration is still within the acceptable range. Do you like Lego's geocentric adventure series? Welcome to leave a message to tell the bad snow. Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:. wt-dthtools.com


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